Jessica Marciel

Jessica Marciel - Singer & Vocal Coach

Photo by Adam Frazier
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Las Vegas Vocal Training - Jessica Marciel singing coach

When Jessica Marciel was just six years old, family friends would ask her, "What are you going to be when you grow up?"

"I'm a singer," she'd exclaim, "I'm a singer."

Jessica is one of those rare people who possessed both the talent and the passion for her life's direction, at a very early age. The notion of 'growing up before declaring herself,' never occurred to her. At age six, she was a singer, and knew it. At age 12, her career launched into orbit with a recording contract on World Pacific Jazz, spinning a Billboard-charted hit, Johnny Let Me Go.

Barely out of high school, Jessica joined the Los Angeles Cast of HAIR. Her singing career criss-crossed the United States. In Las Vegas, she has been a serious lounge star, performed at social, corporate, and convention events with her band, Midnight Affair.

Now, complementing her singing career, Jessica owns Las Vegas Vocal Training.
As a singing coach, she has the rare talents of identifying potential, correcting technical imperfections, and inspiring singers to achieve their career goals. She brings the same energy to the vocal studio, for students, that she does to the stage.
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Jessica's students cover a wide range from recreational singers to aspiring professionals; from pre-teenagers to teens to all ages of adults.

When people want to develop and improve their singing skills, it's of great benefit to talk to, and be coached by, someone who has done it... and continues to get it done. She is Jessica Marciel. >>> Las Vegas Vocal Training