Jeff Lavigne

Superb Vocal Training Testimonial

When I received this vocal training testimonial from Jeff Lavigne, it overwhelmed me. It embodies so many elements making up a successful coach-student relationship. Please enjoy it...  - Jessica Marciel "I have struggled with my singing … [Read More...]

Ray Charles Jr. sad

RIP Ray Charles Jr. – Official Mascot

Shortly after moving into the studio home of Las Vegas Vocal Training, students enjoyed a warm greeting by Vocal Coach Jessica Marciel and  Super-Sheltie Ray Charles Jr.. Ray's welcoming bark and company in the studio, earned him status as … [Read More...]

HAIR the musical

HAIR and Hollywood Nights

I seemed to breeze through my first audition for 'HAIR' But had a call-back so had to wait a few more weeks, to know if I was hired.  This wouldn't have been a problem if  not for my  manager. Bill Loeb.  He had started taking me around, looking for … [Read More...]

Las Vegas Live Music Industry Honors Its Own, May 1st

On May 1st, all day Sunday afternoon at the Henderson Pavilion, Michael P Selinsky will present, and honor, the Las Vegas inductees for the Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall Of Fame.

Career Backup Singers: Twenty Feet From Stardom – Part 2

Now that I have described what Twenty Feet From Stardom is about, lets go deeper into the minds, hearts and souls of the career backup singers who make the soundtracks of your lives.

Career Stories

American Idol: Why Mike is gone, and Casey lives on

The facts are in, Mike and Crystal were in the bottom two. These are the strongest singers in the competition. This is a telling verdict indeed.

Why is American Idol so thin on talent in Season 9?

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The Business of Singing

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