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Beware The Understudy!

Carol Burnett was just the understudy for the Broadway show 'Once Upon a Mattress',  Bet you can't even name who the star was, she stole the role from?  Carol Haney!! A wonderful actress,  however, Carol got the job and s lifetime career. All I … [Read More...]


Hold the Cheese!

When you sing for a living, there are certain things that make you different from the other people around you.  You can't go on dates on Friday night, you are the Band!  You can't party like it's 1999 and drink and smoke, bad for your instrument. … [Read More...]

Phantom of the Opera Mask

Audition Pressure. There’s Nothing Like It

Recently, there have been many auditions. One of my students traveled to New York to do an all-day auditions for five colleges.  Upon his return, my student, Nate, told me stories about the fantastic trip to the city, and interesting details about … [Read More...]

Where are they Now? Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Part 1

This post is the first of two parts, chronicling the development of a number of students of Las Vegas Vocal Training.

My 2013 Gallagher Reunion

On the radio show that I am on with Skip Weisser, I gave him a nice surprise when Gallagher was in town, and agreed to be our first guest for the year

Career Stories

Bill Fayne and Friends at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino

If you love Broadway and Rodgers and Hart, and Hammerstein, Then this two-night event, orchestrated by Bill Fayne, is for you.

Tom Cruise steals the show in Rock of Ages movie

To say that Tom Cruise ‘saves this Rock of Ages’ would be a little unfair. There are other great performances. too. However, until Cruise arrives, you might wonder if this is a long Saturday Night Live parody.

The Business of Singing

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