Preparing to be Prepared

Preparing: It is that time of year.  You will get calls to send your Pics, Videos,  PDF's, and other info for many projects for new TV shows coming up next year.  You cannot wait until you need it. You must be ready and updated! It is the … [Read More...]

The Five Songs That Inspire Me

These songs pull at my heartstrings and have changed my life The Beatles: In My Life This reflective song about losing loved ones and friends take on a new meaning when you lose enough people.  The whole somber romantic song is a tribute to … [Read More...]

A Singer and Teen

When I  was in Van Nuys Jr High in L A Calif,, I had begun my recording career.   My friends are still my friends  today, and the thought of moving out of the state was devastating.  It was natural for me to be quite nervous to move to the Adult … [Read More...]

Introducing Lou Lou White

A year ago, I started working with a french singer who moved to Las Vegas. Her manager and producer were still in Paris

Las Vegas Local 369 Musicians Deliver for Idina Menzel

When I saw Kevin Spacey, several years ago at the Wayne Newton – Stardust Showroom, the orchestra was filled with local musicians. That was true with all Las Vegas headliners in the good ole days.

Career Stories

Aileen is a 9-year old wonder!

Aileen is a mature, and a good singer, and at a pint-sized nine years old, she blows my mind every week. She has good pitch, good taste, and emotion!

Girls Night OUT on American Idol: A Report Card

Ouch, the first three girls, Paige, Ashley, and Janell, I have 5 students who sing better than these girls

The Business of Singing

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