BAZ ‘Star Crossed Love’ tabs Jessica Marciel as Vocal Consultant

BAZ - Star Crossed Love, set in a modern and intimate cabaret, is a celebration, a mash-up of music, and moments from the greatest love stories imagined by famed director Baz Luhrmann. Inspired by Baz’s most romantic films, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin … [Read More...]

Jessica Marciel visits Joey Ciccone Show

Jessica Marciel and Joey Ciccone enjoyed a rockin’ hour on Friday, April 8th. From her inside-track to a recording deal at 12 years old. And on through her singing and stage career, onto launching singing training … [Read More...]

Auditions; Are U ready?

I have recently as OF this week, gotten 4 students private auditions for those,, you know,, singing shows on tv.... I know,, but hey,, someone has to do it. Every Year, casting agents and producers contact we lucky coaches and we get to help you out. … [Read More...]

What kind of living will you make as a singer?

I have a student who asked me what kind of money a singer can make. It is a very tough question.It is all over the board. I will start with my life and my career, but many people do better, or not nearly as well.

Vocal Dynamics: Adjusting to each situation

I have done it all. Recording in the beginning, 12-year old, then sang at concert venues. While in high school performed at outdoor concerts, and small and large venues.

Career Stories

A Student Awakening

I have a young student who recently came back to me after a 3-year absence. I taught her as a young teen. Her look was Goth. bangs covered her whole face.

American Idol: Here we are again, and yet again

Casey James started the night sounding like he always does. He really is just very consistent. OMG, Ellen was right. I think she is getting it.  All the judges ageed, and I agree also. There are singers out there who do the same thing over and over, but at least they keep us interested. If he […]

The Business of Singing

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