These songs pull at my Heartstrings, and have changed my life The Beatles:  In My Life This reflective song about losing loved ones and friends takes on a new meaning, when you lose enough people.  The whole somber romantic song is a tribute to … [Read More...]

A Singer and Teen

When I  was in Van Nuys Jr High in L A Calif,, I had begun my recording career.   My friends are still my friends  today, and the thought of moving out of the state was devastating.  It was natural for me to be quite nervous to move to the Adult … [Read More...]

Jessica Marciel visits Joey Ciccone Show

Jessica Marciel and Joey Ciccone enjoyed a rockin’ hour on Friday, April 8th. From her inside-track to a recording deal at 12 years old. And on through her singing and stage career, onto launching singing training … [Read More...]

More Stories of the 70’s and Heartbreak

When I was basking in the comfort of my open ended contract with Summa, life was good. We were packing the Regency Lounge every night at the Sands

Breathe, Focus, Sing the Lyric

I have a new student from Israel. Her name is Rinat.. She has barely a trace of an accent.

Career Stories

Singing Backup Documentary, “Twenty Feet From Stardom” is Heaven

As a back-up singer, lounge singer, showroom singer, studio singer, and singer in a Broadway show, I knew I would love this documentary.

Why is American Idol so thin on talent in Season 9?

Thank you everyone, who read my blog posts, and thank you for the comments. I really am happy that most of you out there like them and find them useful, and amusing.

The Business of Singing

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