HAIR the musical

HAIR and Hollywood Nights

I seemed to breeze through my first audition for 'HAIR' But had a call-back so had to wait a few more weeks, to know if I was hired.  This wouldn't have been a problem if  not for my  manager. Bill Loeb.  He had started taking me around, looking for … [Read More...]

Jessica (Kluger) Marciel

Singing in Las Vegas

Our family move to Las Vegas, was traumatic for my sister and I. Being raised in Los Angeles, you get used to a certain culture, access to the beach, and the mountains. My sister and I were never closer and we clung to each other for survival. I was … [Read More...]

Eydie in Love

Riding the Career Roller Coaster – Phase 1

When I read through my leads for lessons. I get everything from, "I want to get over my stage fright," to, "I want a Grammy!"  Really?  You want a Grammy, and you think just having a better voice will help you? Having a good voice helps, but there's … [Read More...]

Where are they Now? Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Part 1

This post is the first of two parts, chronicling the development of a number of students of Las Vegas Vocal Training.

My Red Carpet Night: Who is that?

When fellow HAIR alumni actor Ben Lautman wrote me to get my butt to L. A. for the opening of HAIR at the Pantages Theatre, I had one day to get a flight and figure out what to wear for the Red Carpet moment.

Career Stories

And then there were Nine: American Idol cast-off

In related American Idol news, I have heard from former “tribe members” from Hair that several Idol cast offs have been hired for the Broadway production while Jim Rado is pulling the London show together for it’s big Frida

Recording in Capitol Records Studio C at age 12

I always knew that I would sing. it was a given. I didn’t have a back-up plan. Thank goodness it worked out.

The Business of Singing

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