BAZ ‘Star Crossed Love’ tabs Jessica Marciel as Vocal Consultant

BAZ - Star Crossed Love, set in a modern and intimate cabaret, is a celebration, a mash-up of music, and moments from the greatest love stories imagined by famed director Baz Luhrmann. Inspired by Baz’s most romantic films, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin … [Read More...]

Jessica Marciel visits Joey Ciccone Show

Jessica Marciel and Joey Ciccone enjoyed a rockin’ hour on Friday, April 8th. From her inside-track to a recording deal at 12 years old. And on through her singing and stage career, onto launching singing training … [Read More...]

Auditions; Are U ready?

I have recently as OF this week, gotten 4 students private auditions for those,, you know,, singing shows on tv.... I know,, but hey,, someone has to do it. Every Year, casting agents and producers contact we lucky coaches and we get to help you out. … [Read More...]

The most important man in my solo career

In the 70’s I was in groups, traveling all over the country. Living out of a trunk. I was in “Commonwealth” with my then boyfriend, Jorge Casas, and friend Maurice Moore.

Our Playboy Club contracts were over and we had been at the Lions Den at the original MGM and the Blue Room at the Tropicana.

Vocal Tips Series on YouTube – ALL NEW

Vocal Tips – YouTube is one of my favorite websites to hear other vocal coaches and singers. I love to discover people I never would know of any other way

Career Stories

American Idol: Winding Down

American Idol: Winding Down

Battleground: “The Voice” Tuesday Night

This is the first elimination night. This is what makes this show a “TV” show. Suspense, and people you really like, go home! They compete in a boxing ring… really great idea.

The Business of Singing

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