Auditions; Are U ready?

I have recently as OF this week, gotten 4 students private auditions for those,, you know,, singing shows on tv.... I know,, but hey,, someone has to do it. Every Year, casting agents and producers contact we lucky coaches and we get to help you out. … [Read More...]

Vocal Exercises are Mandatory: A Lesson Learned

A former student, a professional, called me about coming back soon.  The situation was this is a pro, working a lot, and studied for a few months. When  he left, we stayed in touch. I saw how busy he was.  What I did not know was, he stopped doing … [Read More...]

Emerging Artist: Rowdy McCarran

A few years ago, I met this electric singer, so seasoned and with a voice rich with country-warmth.  He is Rowdy McCarran, and I asked him why he was in Las Vegas? He performed at rodeos and was voted the best band in the National Finals Rodeo … [Read More...]

Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Where Are They Now? – Part 3

Jessica Mussio came to me about 5 years ago with a beautiful soprano voice. She had studied before, , and recorded an album of Itaian and American classics.

Lost on the New Jersey Turnpike

When the band Commonwealth was touring the Playboy Clubs, I enjoyed some of the best times of my life. I was proud of the band, and our 5-part harmony.

Career Stories

Miley Cyrus: Finding Her Identity

Miley Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s created such an uproar, that she bumped Navy Yard shootings off the news! Her ‘Twerking’ phase has become part of Pop Culture vocabulary.

American Idol’s Crystal Takes The Night

I wish they would go back to three judges. It is just redundant by the time it gets to the 4th opinion. They can’t even think of what else to say.

The Business of Singing

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