Ray Charles Jr. sad

RIP Ray Charles Jr. – Official Mascot

Shortly after moving into the studio home of Las Vegas Vocal Training, students enjoyed a warm greeting by Vocal Coach Jessica Marciel and  Super-Sheltie Ray Charles Jr.. Ray's welcoming bark and company in the studio, earned him status as … [Read More...]

HAIR the musical

HAIR and Hollywood Nights

I seemed to breeze through my first audition for 'HAIR' But had a call-back so had to wait a few more weeks, to know if I was hired.  This wouldn't have been a problem if  not for my  manager. Bill Loeb.  He had started taking me around, looking for … [Read More...]

Jessica (Kluger) Marciel

Singing in Las Vegas

Our family move to Las Vegas, was traumatic for my sister and I. Being raised in Los Angeles, you get used to a certain culture, access to the beach, and the mountains. My sister and I were never closer and we clung to each other for survival. I was … [Read More...]

Cory Monteith: And then he was gone

Cory Monteith – Glee burst onto the TV scene in the fall of 2009. It immediately had an impact, musically and thematically through its ensemble cast

Grammy Time 56th year!

Grammy Time – Jay Z and Beyonce, minus extensions, chair dancing . At first I thought it was a rerun of Flashdance. Drunken Love, a duet with hubby Jay Z,

Career Stories

American Idol: The Art of an Audition Part 2

Everyone is getting ready to audition for, GLEE, AMERICAN IDOL, and then, X FACTOR. First it will be “Glee” since the deadline is April 26th

A Student Awakening

I have a young student who recently came back to me after a 3-year absence. I taught her as a young teen. Her look was Goth. bangs covered her whole face.

The Business of Singing

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