Alex Lowery

Alex Lowery

Alex Lowery

Alex came to me at 15,  she was a cheerleader, and is a striking beauty.  It took some time to gain speaking confidence, but she arrived!

Then she decided to add a partner from ‘Backstage Dance’,  Missy Cochran’s Hip-Hop class’Deanne, another beauty, would help her sing. They harmonized well, (They were featured in my Fox 5 Las Vegas interview, that is them, at a lesson) They rehearsed, with three back up dancers, and wireleess mics, every night for 2 months. After work, I would drive across town, with my P A equipment, and make sure they could sing LIVE while dancing.  Not an easy thing for anyone, but they did it!

The girls hired a manager, Steve ‘Biscuit’ Walker, a former rapper from the 80’s. Biscuit connected with Los Angeles songwriters, including ‘Girl In The Window’, penned by Bruno Mars.

Alex and Deanne, as the dance-pop duo, DNA, opened for Jesse McCartney at he Henderson Pavilion.  They went on to record for Universal Music, and during the week of recording, the girls decided to go in another direction.    I am not really sure, because i was in Vegas, of what went down, but it all fell apart. They split with the manager, a lawsuit followed, and then they broke with me. Eventually, the act dissolved.

Alex and I stay on good terms. She was an extra on ‘Glee’ and ‘Victorious’ and now has a national ‘Coke’ commercial. It’s good!  She is cast as The Hot Chick.

No singing on this commercial, but I believe in her and one day, we will hear her sing again. Her dad is one of Las Vegas’ finest voices, Jamariah,  and it runs in the family.

So, go get ’em Alex, you have worked many years, and deserve it!!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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