Amber Ennis: my student of 5 months


Amber is nearly 20 and a rocker. She can rock any song. She just feels it and moves like it. When we did her Glee audition, she even knew the producers names and mentioned them in the monologue. This girl really knows what she wants and is going for it.

I can tell she does the work away from me. I can hear improvement every week. Also, she is a redhead now, so the picture you see will be of a schoolgirl blonde, looking quite innocent. I am not saying she isn’t innocent, but  as a rocker, she is very outgoing.

Her mother, Paula, is really fun also. When they come to the house, they bring a joyfully good time. Like the time Paula showed me her new tattoo!   You go girl!.  Amber has made  a breakthrough with her chest into head voice. It is sounding really good and we are on our way her to producing a much better singer than first walked into my life.

Amber works with animals, too. Love that about her. Amber is one of my very wonderful students who are changing my life every day.

I never thought i would become a mentor. It is the best feeling on earth. Well, almost!

Jessica Marciel

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