American Idol: Here we are again, and yet again

  • Casey James started the night sounding like he always does. He really is just very consistent. OMG, Ellen was right. I think she is getting it.  All the judges ageed, and I agree also.
  • There are singers out there who do the same thing over and over, but at least they keep us interested. If he had done a killer guitar solo? Something to make it stand out so that we remember it tomorrow. When I go to Mack Bros. Bakery and Cafe I order the same thing everytime. But I am never sorry I got the same thing.
  • Alicia Keyes is the mentor this week. Lee chose the “The Boxer” A powerful song by Paul Simon. I thought this was what was missing with Casey, this was an emotional portion of the show. Very Very  nice job.  Lee is the underdog, he nailed it.
  • Alicia wasn’t much help, Tim was next. I can’t say much about his singing.
  • Aaron did “I believe I can fly”,  a very strong song, and I believed him. This is an Aaron I liked. The best Aaron has done.
  • Siohban chose a very hard “Whitney and Mariah”song “Miracles”.  Her voice sounds all head to me. The high notes are always great, but the low ones are in her head, and never in her chest. It wasn’t good for me, Ellen is back! She loved it. All the other judges agreed with me. I like her less every week.
  • I  DID  vote 4 times last week, and I will vote this week for Mike who is next. I believe in him, I think he has something.  He did Hero” and I got goose bumps. He went for it. This is all based on my opinion that none of these people are really great. He is just outstanding in a group of ok singers.
  • “People Get ready” by Crytsal won non only the night, but the season. She wins it. Hands down.

I am casting a few votes, getting excited that this boring season will be over. It seemed like a high school competition.

Marciel, over and out

Jessica Marciel
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