American Idol: Final 24

American Idol Commentary

American Idol Commentary

As I watch American Idol this evening, I think the judges are making good decisions. You cannot be just  all right. You need to be special, potential to sell records and be a standout. There are a million “good” singers out there. YOU need to be more than that

Let me be clear about this, just because you don’t make the cut on this show, it isn’t the end of the world for you. It is just beginning. When they cry, ” it was my last chance” etc., please, I cannot listen to this nonsense!

There is a whole world out there, and a lot of auditions to do. There are producers and there is YouTube and so many ways to be seen and heard. This is not the end. It is one chapter in your early, young life.

American Idol contestants are 28 years old or younger. You have time to just be creative, make your videos and demos, and study your craft. Know your keys, learn songs, and start writing songs. Musicians won’t respect you on stage if you don’t know what you are doing.

Learn how to conduct the pianist, and  drummer, learn your arrangements. Most of all, study music. Learn all genres  from Cole Porter to the The Beatles.

You don’t want to be at a party or an industry event and not know what they are talking about. You should know a little music history about a lot of artists, such as: The Carpenters, Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Manhattan Transfer, The Hi Lo’s, (they were the Manhattan Transfer before the Manhattan transfer), and Lambert Hendricks and Ross (they were The Hi Lo’s before The Hi Lo’s).

Learn your  craft. If you are serious, then get busy. American Idol, is only one stepping stone. There are so many pebbles to walk over to your destiny.

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