The Art of the Audition

Singer auditionEvery so often, I get a new student who just comes to me for one week, every day, to get ready for an audition.

In the winter I get alot of American Idol hopefuls. I haven’t had a bad one yet. I get amazing people come to me, and I am grateful for the website. Thank you Andy Ebon, master of websites in mine, and many other minds.

It’s true,  I have truly  amazing students. but the dreaded audition, the pain and humiliation, it is an art.

I have auditioned so many times in my life, I have to believe I learned alot over the years.

At the age of 12 i sat across from the CEO of Capitol Records and sang with my guiter that I stummed badly, and got my first recording contract for 6 sides, that is 3 single records. Remember records, no you probably heard of them though.

The first most important thing is to find a song that makes you stand out. A song that will show your strengths, and if is  too long,, start at the bridge and shoot for the coda.

You have to get their attention right away and hold it all the way through.  One way to do that, is to choose a song that you have passion for, one you love and  feel sure about.

You  now have to paste and cut the song to 16 bars. That is the hard part, because you need to show your range and emotions..

You have to believe the song. You are a story teller. You must be so involved in your song, that the people in the room do not matter anymore. Do your thing and draw them in. If you really sincere, they will come with you, on your 16 bar journey.

Then, you must choose an alternate song,, in case they want more.  Most of the time they know right away if you are what they are looking for.  They have someone in mind, Do not , I repeat, do not take rejection personally. I mean it, if you have faith, and you are good, you are just the wrong type for this particular show.

When you walk into the audition, be confident, walk straight, be nice to all the other people there to audition.

When you go up to the stage or go  into the room, whatever it is, make sure that before, you have gone somewhere quiet to relax, and meditate or whatever works for you. In my classes, I use relaxation exercises  before we start the lesson, to have  them focus and be in the groove and get the work done. You can,t be distracted, you need to separate  your complicated life and  give the song respect.

So, in short, the song, the respect for others, the focus, and get into the whole mood of the song. Choose wisely,  someone should

write a book with great audition songs. It would be so much easier, and we wouldn’t have to hear Black Velvet every year on American  Idol!

Good Luck and go get em!

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