Audition PressureRecently, there have been many auditions. One of my students traveled to New York to do an all-day auditions for five colleges.  Upon his return, my student, Nate, told me stories about the fantastic trip to the city, and interesting details about the audition process.

He described one girl who came out of the room crying and cursing the woman who ‘Made me do dance steps, I cannot do.’  Nate said, he able to hold it in, but was thinking,,, “Get Out of here. Go away.  You can’t run out of the room because you aren’t prepared for this college for the performing Arts, You are too thin-skinned!  You  will  never  make  it!!!” 

He is right. She is not cut out for this business.  You can’t take rejection personally.  You must develop a thick skin. 


Sutton Foster

These are Conservatories and Colleges for the Performing Arts. As In PERFORMING.  These schools are serious. By the time you are 17, you better have had dance, acting, and singing lessons. You are expected to do a combination dance step, and/or routine. You should know tap, jazz and ballet. You will need acting lessons to do a monologue, and an essay on why you want to act.

Your singing should be Theater-style, using proper breathing. You must know ahead of time if sight-reading is required.  Adhering to a dress code will make you look Professional.

Bring, then wear your Jazz shoes, and attire to show your posture and form.  Ask your teachers to email reference letters to the school ahead of timeNever stop if you make a mistake, never roll your eyes, just keep going.

If your CD music track should stop, Just keep going, do not hesitate. They will be impressed you didn’t let it upset you.

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel

As a singer, No dairy, no cheese, no spicy foods, and no acidic foods or drink. You are an athlete, you must behave yourself, and take good care of your body and throat.. This is something you need to sacrifice for your craft.  Once your day is finished for the day, and won’t need to sing for a week, then have a slice of pizza, not before and not often.  There are foods you must give up to be able to sing freely, and not have complications.

I can tell you this, when I sang 6 nights or 7 nights a week, I ate raw foods, water, and slept. Got up, worked and slept, over and over. After work, I would go to hear a band, and have breakfast but No alcohol, and No dairy. I never ate eggs etc, I would have salads or any raw foods, fruit.

These schools are strict and many people are dying to get in. You are up against odds of demographics of diversity in race, and many entrance obstacles.

You need to have high-energy, be alert and focused. They need to see that you are hungry for knowledge, and you can perhaps get a scholarship to get into the school of your dreams.

So, you have work to do, be prepared, you need lessons, and someone to guide you.  You can be the next Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel, but you must have a natural ability that is nourished by professional lessons.  

Good Luck, and Break-a-Leg.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training



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