Audition Tracks and Charts

Frequently, during the year, a student will need 16 bars, or 2 minutes of a song, in their key, for an audition.  I have had students try to buy sheet music, which is rarely in their key, and always about five pages long. One page should be enough.

One cannot simply show up to an audition with five pages of music, and write ‘key of G’ !  The pianist will not transpose it to the correct, and will not know where to start and stop.

I have two or three ways to get tracks for my students.  First we decide what part of the song we are doing? Is there a modulation (key change) in the song? Is there just a pitch note to start or a small intro?.  Are we arranging it, with repeating a coda, or adding an extra modulation?  All these things are possible.

DO NOT buy sheet music, unless you can play it and transpose it at home to work with it.

If you need a special arrangement of a chart, written out, professionally, it can be done for a small fee, $20 to 50 dollar, depending on the complexity of the piece.

If you need a CD of just a piano doing 16 bars, no intro, or an intro, or a one-note pitch,  then can accomplished, too..  For CD’s I have a musician in Los Angeles who provides one-day service and sends a pdf right away. He does need the sheet music, the key and what bar to what bar, which we can figure out at my studio.

To be taken seriously as a singer at auditions, start building your library of audition music. Everything from Classical Theater, to Modern Musicals, to Pop, and Rock.

Your self-esteem will be solid with sheet music written just for you, with your name on it. You just count off the tempo.  Trust me, I do this for a living!..

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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