Auditions; Are U ready?

singer-partial-tile.Every Year, casting agents and producers contact we lucky coaches and we get to help you out. No Lines at big  arena’s ,, no waiting….,, So, are you ready?? Better think about it, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THE PHONE WILL RING. Also, auditions for your school plays, and local theater, Are you ready?

Look at it this way, in school, the teacher calls on you suddenly, and you are, or are not ready to speak,,,,so, pretend an agent says,,,SING,,Now, you need to have 4 songs in your head,,, and get up and start,,do not pause,, you have 5 seconds to impress,,,,,,the extra songs in case they stop you and say,’What else you got?’


The first thing most importantly is the correct song.  You may only get a few seconds so, prepare the entire thing but be prepared to be cut off. Don’t take it personally, we know in a few seconds if we like you!   You will get over it.  If the bridge of the song is stronger than the verse,, Start there instead,, you have seconds to leave an impression.

You need five songs in different genres.  You need the songs to show off your best range. I don’t care if you love Adele,  if you don’t do it GREAT,,pass,,,do NOT do overused songs,,,[ Adele ]  sorry,,,  And sing to them,,, perform,,, a lot of people can sing,, can you connect with the audience? You must have it all. Too much competition to be just good.

DO NOT BE ,,ok  , you will be a little nervous, but ACT like you are not. That is why acting lessons really pay off.     DO every audition even if you don’t want the job. The More you audition, the better and easier it becomes…..   Record yourself, get good advice,,, good Luck!



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