Breathe, Focus, Sing the Lyric

I have a new student from Israel. Her name is Rinat.. She has barely a trace of an accent. I have two other French students and the same thing, they speak English perfectly.

Today, Rinat said she is so much more comfortable singing in her native Hebrew. I said, of course you are, you know the meaning of the language, how to pronounce the words.  So I suggested we choose one song, one American song, and just go through every line piece by piece and make her comfortable.

She sang a lullaby in Hebrew today and she was amazing, so I know she can do it in English. It takes focus, total focus. You need to breathe, and remember to breathe. that takes focus. isn’t is amazing we breath every day all day, but when we sing, we forget! What’s with that?

The focus is leaving everything else in your life, out there, be in the song, in the moment. It is the most pleasure you can have to really sing an emotional song well, and know you have moved people. To get so lost in a song, that you forget people are out there, and when they applaud, it is a little embarrassing, as if they were a voyeur in your song.

Those times are few and far between but when they happen, it is magic. when you sing that song, you wrote it, you lived it. If you treat it like your baby, you will be fine.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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