Reality Competition Shows – Just say no!

the-voice-logo-200I no longer suggest to my students that they go to  auditions for singing or general-talent competition/reality shows. I have seen too many people, get through early and then, and not be seen on TV, as promised?

Some have been on, and knocked off. Others were given performance contracts to appear on TV, and never were contacted, again. Not even a courtesy phone call from the show producers. Just silence. Over time, I have developed a skeptical view on how truly real these shows are.

I was watching The Voice because I enjoy  the format.  The talent somewhat inconsistent. Some deserve to be heard, and others… well, not so  much.  I don’t understand how they got on. Oh, ok…  just like it often is, they knew someone.

Then, the audience takes over judging, and that is a huge mistake. It becomes a popularity contest, not a singing competition, judged by professionals.

Look who won last year…  exactly, you can’t remember, either, can you? Well, I do remember, and she was young and country and NOT ready for Prime Time.

Have we heard anything from winners of The VoiceAmerican Idol, has produced many recording stars. The Voice is highest rated and has produced no one.

I like the format of The Voice. Contestants can be voted off from their coach and another coach can steal them, putting the contestant back in the mix, for another chance. Love That idea!  Brilliant!

Many of this year’s crop of singers are just so-so, and I just don’t see the big deal. I see judges get overly excited and I wonder, do they really need the money from judging, that badly?

Do these singers sound better in person?

I can count on one hand, the singers, this year, that are good. Not great, but good.  So, as I said, “This was the last year, for me.” I was getting any excitement about the season.  One of my students asked me about the show and if they should audition. I was honest, and said, “I wouldn’t invest your time in it, if I were you.” I explain the previous experiences I’ve observed and I simply don’t advise taking that path… PERIOD.

American idolThe whole reality show thing has run its course for me. I never really liked it and it didn’t grow on me. When my student, Scarlet, was on American Idol, it was exciting, until she texted me. She was allowed only two hours sleep, and was made to do a dance and learn a song in an hour. This was pure sleep deprivation for ALL the contestants, bordering on torture.

By the end of that stretch, Scarlet just wanted to get out of there!.  Then I saw another contestant pass out and fall off the stage. I am certain it was all  staged; nothing was real.

If you have talent, define it; be the best you can. sing with a live band, get plenty of experience, work clubs and pay your dues.

There are rarely overnight success or lottery ticket winners. From reality competition shows, only a scant few of the winners establish sustained, successful careers.

“Earn it your success with hard work. You are far more likely to hit the jackpot.”

That’s my take…

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

New Singing Competition Show: “The Winner Is!”

The_Winner_Is_logo“The Winner is” is a really good TV show. It has a lot of different elements in how it works. 101 judges, seated in the audience, choose between two contestants’ performance.

The judges are professional songwriters, DJ’s, music magazine journalists, YouTube singers who have over a million followers, band-members, and singers.

So far, all the contestants have been very good. The host is the very popular, and always good, Nick Lachey. The show is so different because contestants sing six songs i(f they get that far), competing for a one million dollar first prize.  You can leave the competition, before the voting tally has shown who won that round, and exit with ten thousand dollars cash, sitting on a table right in front of you.

Dollar SignIf you win that first round, then you can leave the second round with twenty-five thousand dollars, then fifty, and so on until the winner gets one million dollars!

So in this case, it’s greed, or confidence that drives ‘staying in, to wait for the voting tally.’

Do you think the judges voted for you, will you risk, say, one hundred thousand dollars thinking they may have voted for you?  Great idea for a show.

Haven’t we all been bored with the judges on these vocal and talent competition shows, who we just don’t care about, or just don’t like?  Then these shows turn the judging over to the population, to call, text or email it in. Then you are getting people who know NOTHING about music, singing, or talent. People often vote for the Cute One, or the Hot One etc.

I am enjoying this show because the screening of talent has been solid. Everyone is watchable!  It’s tense. You may have a rooting preference, but sometimes, in my mind, it is a virtual draw… What will the 101 judges do?

senior-sounds-of-touch-winner-isA pretty good singer, Randa Mae Mayo, came up against  The Senior Sounds Of Touch I knew the guys won it! She was good, but good isn’t good enough when you have the likes of the Temptations or the Four tops belting it out and dancing!  Yes, they won!

She was angry and too confident and elected NOT to take the money. When the voting total was posted as 71-30 (before announcing the winner), she was quite confident she had the votes.  I knew, immediately, the guys would get the higher score.

Douglas Roegiers who won round one in show three, was fantastic! He sang songs made popular by Frank Sinatra and then, Dean Martin as his second song. Absolutely spot-on.Loved this guy, cant wait to hear him do more,

But, then Douglas went up against The Senior Sounds of Touch, and it was nail biting time.  Douglas  was smart, and took the fifty grand, rather than take a chance on the result. He deserved at least that much, what a great talent.

The key to his decision was this… he believed he did a great job, but felt the audience may have preferred The Senior Sounds of Touch. And he was right… He chose to leave with the cash. Had he lost the decision, he would have left EMPTY-HANDED. 

This new show is fun and worth watching. I hope you watch and enjoy it as I do.

A fun thing to do, is to go to the show website to see and hear the interviews with the judges, and then see them on YouTube.

I think The Winner Is has a great formula that works well. What you think?

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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