The Five Songs That Inspire Me

These songs pull at my heartstrings and have changed my life

How Do You keep the Music Playing? 

This song by Marilyn and Alan Bergman, is about living your lives together and keeping it fresh and loving with Humor.  It is by far my favorite song.   


The BeatlesIn My Life

This reflective song about losing loved ones and friends take on a new meaning when you lose enough people.  The whole somber romantic song is a tribute to ones we had to say goodbye too.



Randy Newman: Real Emotional Girl

I heard Linda Ronstadt sing this in the 80’s, and was mesmerized.  I still am, when I watch it. It is a story and emotional ride of a young girl’s heart.  It is fragile and haunting, and a singer’s dream. A wonderful audition song as well.

Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

I knew this was not written by Michael, however, the song is magically produced and floors me every time.  It is about hope and change, and peace that will never come, but he is hopeful and optimistic.  It just gets to me. I never tire of it.

Joni Mitchell: Cactus Tree

I just go crazy when I hear this song.  I have to go off and listen, I cannot speak over it.  When I heard it in a Diane Lane film, ‘A Walk on the Moon’, about 1969. it was truly breathtaking!!!! Joni has poetic powerful songs, and I love all of them.

Bob Anderson Shines in Frank, The Man, The Music


Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson had an idea. His Musical Director, Vincent Falcone, had been Frank Sinatra’s musical director for years. It seems Frank gave Vinnie,  his arrangements. Frank told him, Keep the music going!

Bob and Vinnie are keeping the promise. They hired an incredibly talented make up artist, Kazu Tsuji. He works on him, for two hours each night, turning him into Frank!.. Kazu is the Oscar-nominated makeup artist who transformed Brad Pitt in the 2008 Film, ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’. (reference


Bob Anderson as Frank!

He does the transformation of Bob to Frank,  in 2 hours, because the 3 hours he needed were too just too much for Bob on a nightly basis!. The face, the hair, amazingly accurate.

Then Bob does the rest, the posture, the walk, the mannerisms, the voice, OH, the Voice!

The show is produced and directed by Stephen Eich of the Steppenwolf theater in Chicago. The lighting and set design by Kevin Rigdon also of the Steppenwolf theater.

The bigger surprise in the show is the 32-piece orchestra. Not just any musicians; many who played with Frank. Along with bassist Bob Sachs, and guitarist Joe Lano, Drummer Tommy Check, the sax section, and many throughout the orchestra have played these charts with the man himself, Frank. .


Musical Director, Vincent Falcone

What great charts they are!  Chills will appear on your body many times during the 90-minute show.  The string section is big and lush.

I have been watching Bob Anderson my entire adult life. I was in the Casino De Paris show at the Dunes Hotel, when Bob performed at the Top Of The Dunes. This was a popular show where you would run into Tony Bennett, Steve Lawrence, and Don Rickles in the elevator.

Following his career, I saw him at the Desert Inn, where one night I got pulled onstage and sang with him. He was always my favorite singer and entertainer. Bob moved to town from Detroit as a 22-year old, and worked with Nancy Sinatra, at the Sahara Hotel.  He is very gracious to his fans, always takes pictures with them, and gives them his time. Take note future entertainers, always greet your fans, they are why you are working!

Pre-Show at the Palazzo Theater.

Pre-Show at the Palazzo Theater.

The show is staged at the Palazzo Hotel, in the Palazzo Theatre; originally named The Jersey Boys Theatre. When the Palazzo was built, the showroom was designed to stand in the exact place as its predecessor, the Copa Room at The Sands Hotel.

Frank, The Man, The Music begins with the orchestra playing a medley of Sinatra favorites.

Simultaneously, screen projections on both sides of the theatre stage. You watch Bob finish his character transformation, walk through the hall, talk with a few people, and then enter stage right as if the film-transition is live every night.

The Sands HotelWhen he opens his mouth to sing, it doesn’t take long to forget you are no longer watching and listening to Bob, but Frank Sinatra.

The patter, the stories are fascinating, all done in character; and the party begins. Time stops and you ARE taken back in time.

Old Vegas is back, and you can hear him sing the Bossa Nova, a la Antonio Carlos Jobim. That musical period played flawlessly by guitar legend, Joe Lano!.  Then, you are whisked inside Capitol records for a reenactment of a studio recording session. 

Bob Anderson is a consumnate performer. This is evident, with the easy listening style and goose bump singing. He sings with ease, because he is a natural. I asked him if he warms up? He said, “Very little.” He sings along backstage in the wings and does a few scales. I understand this as a natural singer myself, I hardly ever warm up, and my voice is always  there for me.

frank-the-man-the-musicThis show is here only until the end of 2015, then it moves to New York. Tickets for  Frank: The Man,The Music can be purchased via Ticketmaster online or 702-414-9000. Thank you , Patricia Dockswell, Bobs Production Coordinator.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Bob Anderson Sizzles at the Suncoast

Bob Anderson and the band

Bob Anderson and the band

I have been watching Bob Anderson for decades. Way-back-when, Bob was at the Top of the Dunes, and Lee Greenwood was in a little piano bar, when I was the singing lead in The ‘Casino De Paris Show’ at the Dunes Hotel. Yes, the good ol days!

I had known him earlier when he and my sister were in a relationship, so we have a lot of history. Bob had his start very fast, with appearances on Johnny Carson, and performances with George Burns…  too many to mention, here.

He is not only an impeccable singer, but a superb impressionist.  The art and style of the cabaret singer is a gift, and completely natural. This rings true when you see Bob’s show. He is at ease, and has a beautiful audience rapport.

I could listen to him sing standards all night, however, his loyal fans expect the impressions Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr;, and Tony Bennett among others.

When you witness a true talent such as Bob, it takes you back to the time in Las Vegas, when headliners dominated.  When the lounges were percolating 24 hours a day, with great bands. I feel badly for the younger people who come here, and find a new Disneyland of mostly mediocre lounge bands, and too few of them.

Bob Anderson Suncoast

Bob Anderson & Jessica Marciel

In the days of true Vegas Glam, you could find, Keely Smith, Kenny Rogers, Lou Rawls and Sam Butera in the lounges, Yes, the lounges. They had cover charges, dress codes, and little round tables with , yes, you guessed it, SERVICEWhat? Service, in glass , not plastic cups. Now how much money do you think is saved by using plastic cups, instead of glass?

In the audience at the ‘Suncoast‘ Friday night, was Pia Zadora, Monti Rock III, Steve Rossi, and even Joe Williams widow, Jill.  I was there with two great singers, we could have been 10 if we had gotten the word out faster. next time we will.   If you haven’t heard Bob sing ‘Guess Who I Saw Today? ‘ , ‘Midnight Sun’ or ‘Angel Eyes’, you haven’t lived.

Besides Bob’s talent and superb backing musicians, the more subtle elements that lift his show include:

  • Designing a show set that includes standards and less familiar songs, that all hit the mark.
  • His recognition of important performers attending the show, never leaving the feeling that he is ‘name-dropping’.
  • Band interaction, particularly with Musical Director, Vincent Falcone, is familiar and comfortable, allowing Bob to change-up a song choice, on the fly, without missing a beat.
  • Embracing his fans, through relaxed banter from the stage, plus lingering after the show to pose for photographs.

So, next time you read about Bob Anderson, appearing anywhere, do yourself a favor, and go see a real pro, a consummate entertainer, with a band, that included legends, like guitarist, Joe Lano, bass, Bob Sachs, Musical Director Piano, Vince Falcone, and drummer, Mike Meechem. 

You can thank me later:) See you there.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training


Michael Bublé with Ease!

Michael Bublé is consistent.  This man could sing while juggling and playing hop scotch. In this video of  him singing Home’, you can feel his ease and his natural ability to connect with his audience. He draws you in, with home-style comfort, as if in his living room.

His television specials are solid. He always has an interesting guest artist; someone interesting and different from himself.  He makes eye-contact with an audience member, smiles, yet never loses his way in the lyric or emotion of the song.

There are just a handful of singers as pure as this, when you are in their presence. It makes you feel a part of the show, and you can’t wait to see them again… like visiting a friend.

When I worked with Bobby Vinton he had loyal fans  who followed him everywhere!  I never knew how anyone could afford to do that!  They attended shows in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New York, and had expensive front row seats, to boot!  I would bet anything that Bublé has these kind of loyal fans too.  Only a warm and sincere performer has that kind of attraction. People know when you are not comfortable up there, and it is contagious.

If you get a chance  to see him, get there! It’s a feel-good show, and he is never out of sorts. I have seen just a few of performers with this type of mindset, disposition, and entertainment value. Natalie Cole is one, Sammy Davis Jr. was another.

“Going out to hear live music has its health benefits. It keeps you happy, smiling and younger!”

Jessica Marciel

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Some of my favorite singers

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield

My taste is all over the board when it comes to favorite singers. I just love good talent, and I also like style. I love Natalie Cole, and Dusty Springfield. Two completely different styles. I love Natalie for her instrument, and Dusty for her sultry, smokey sound.

I have always liked Carmen McRae and Jack Jones. I love local singer Jerry Lopez, and his brother LennyLannie Counts and Eric Sean are Great!   Too many to mention!

Other great Las Vegas singers are Ronnie Rose, Tony Davich, and Jamie Hosmer. Jeannine Marie knocks me out with her powerful voice. Ronnie Fabre, Joni James, and Michelle Rohl are great rockers. . I heard ‘I know You By Heart’ by Michelle Johnson at a memorial service, and it was  Fantastic.! Dolly Coulter is one of my favs. 

Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae have always moved me, Johnny Hartman and Chet Baker moved me to tears in my 20’s when I would really marathon their albums 

Singers, such as Beyoncé do nothing for me. Jennifer Hudson tugs at your heartstrings in Dreamgirls.

Carrie Underwood is great, always get her albums. Martina McBride is one of the greats.  Curtis StigersFred Ross, The late  Brad Cordle, Tata Vega, Ted Neeley, gets me every time.

I love Hayley Williams, from Paramore, total rocker, and Ann Wilson from Heart. I love the style of Sophie Milman; very Julie London. I do not care for the singer who does not move you with the voice. You may hear a great singer, but the hair does not stick up on your arms. I love when a singer sings the lyric. 

Beth Hart and Melissa Etheridge are great. 

One of my students, Lou Lou White  , who is French, sang an Edith Piaf song for me, I had no idea what it meant, but I was in tears.

That is what I mean, I love singers who love to sing and mean what they sing.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Singing Backup Documentary, “Twenty Feet From Stardom” is Heaven

singing backup documentaryAs a back-up singer, lounge singer, showroom singer, studio singer, and singer in a Broadway show, I knew I would love this documentary. And like the women showcased in this film, you probably wouldn’t remember my face or name from singing backup.

This documentary, Twenty Feet From Stardom, showcases a few, very few, woman in song… back-up singers behind many Stars. The vocalists who ‘Sing the Hook’ … the phrase you hum, incessantly, after you leave the concert.

“Back-up vocalists sing the repeat lines. Without those, half the song is missing!”

Stevie Wonder – Twenty Feet From Stardom

Jessica with Tata Vega at a HAIR cast reunion

Jessica with Tata Vega at a HAIR cast reunion

We meet some great singers. I’ve had the good fortune to work with a few of them. Tata Vega was a fellow cast member in ‘HAIR’ in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She is a tiny thing with a huge voice.

Tata and I reconnected at a HAIR reunion, just a few years ago. She was just as sweet and just as humble as ever. I have been to many of the HAIR reunions, and this is just the second time I’ve seen her.

Why? Because she is constantly working. Tata is one of the most sought after back up singers, currently touring with Elton John.

Her career has a rich history. She sang with her own bands, working with three different record labels.  Her story is both moving and heartbreaking.

Tata Vega

Tata Vega

What we don’t learn about Tata in the film is that she is a mom to a beautiful daughter… whose father  was the love of Tata’s life. Sadly, he died of cancer years ago, and she has had to carry on without him.

Signed to Motown Records at very young age, Tata’s budding career was shelved, largely passed over for other artists, much as I was, at age 14, with Capitol’s World Pacific Jazz label.

We get to meet and hear three women who sang lead with The Rolling Stones, not all at once, but consecutively.

Merry Clayton was the first. She is very famous in musical circles and recorded a string of three solo albums. She comes across pretty confident and cocky, and has the chops to back it up, so her attitude is understandable and easy to forgive.

Following Merry with Mick Jagger was the very sensual, and beautiful, Claudia Lennear, Now in her early sixties, looks like a housewife, or just anyone with a day job,

Claudia Lennear

Claudia Lennear

But back-in-the-day, Claudia was featured in a Playboy Magazine spread. Other than that, she is quite coy about being the sexy one. She didn’t set out to be THAT One. (Oh… she was one of the Ikettes with Ike & Tina Turner)

You may find that hard to believe when you see pics of her, and her album cover pose. It seems that Claudia just didn’t have the ego to become famous. It takes a certain toughness, that Tata and Claudia do not have.

Lisa Fisher

Lisa Fischer

Lisa Fischer is the third singer with Mick, and she simply blew me away.  When I got home from the movie, I ordered a CD of hers from

She was just stunning and sexy as anything. OMG, the tight skin-tight spandex, and make up and hair. An excellent choice to take over for Claudia.  She is only in her early fifties, and is still a killer singer, but looks so different. Lisa has been with the Stones over 20 years and  you are glad that the band has loyalty and has not replaced her!  The business can be so cruel… but not this time.

Lisa sings with David Foster and Chris Botti, and is probably the only one  that didn’t have a family.  She thinks about it, and is not sorry about it.  She chuckles about the fun she has, and no regrets about a family and no kids!

A lot of the film covers Darlene Love, who is probably the most familiar name. But you will be surprised how fleeting fame can be, and how she struggled. She is 70, now, and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only recently, in 2011.

At times, Twenty Feet From Stardom was painful for me to watch. I have been in their shows, so at times it is highly personal.  I have had highs and lows, and survived to still be a working for singers. This film gives us an inside look at the business side of Show, and the unsung heroes of the stage.

You will hear great music, you will hear from thoughtful musical wisdom from mouths of Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Mick, and a contractor for singers Bill Maxwell

They all agree with me, these woman are worth a lot more than the attention they get.    

‘Twenty Feet from Stardom’ is a 90-minute musical history lesson disguised as a movie. Entertaining, touching, thoughtful. It will give you fresh appreciation for the singers you see and hear, and a clearer understanding of their craft and careers.

This movie is so good… you might even thank me!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Nick Hissom celebrates single release event on July 4th

July 4th is Nick Hissom’s birthday. It was also the release party of his new single, “If I Die Young,”

“It’s a party anthem, but it’s also a bit of reflection, and it’s vocals — what I think about dance music is that a lot of the vocalists get lost in all the noise,” he says. “I want to change that. The vocalists get no credit, no face time, and that I don’t like.”

nick-hissom-tile-200“If I Die Young” is produced by Mick Shultz, who has sold more than 9 million records by his mid-20’s. The song is a dance track, and features Hissom’s distinctive vocals, cut clear about of the rhythm.

The song has already been released, internationally, and reached #1 on the pop charts in Turkey.

Mick Schultz is an American music producer and songwriter. Some of his accomplishments include production of Jeremih’s début and second albums, including the platinum hit “Birthday Sex”. He has also produced for artists such as Jenna Andrews and Jessie James.

An extensive article and interview with Nick, was published in the Las Vegas Sun, Monday, July 1st by John Katsilometes. 

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Nick Hissom Releases First Song

Jessica Marciel & Nick Hissom

Jessica Marciel & Nick Hissom

This Monday, July 1st is a very exciting day. Two years ago, I started working with Nick Hissom, a young student and model. He had a good  voice, and a lot of potential.  We did long, 3-5 hour sessions because he didn’t live in Las Vegas.

He traveled all over the planet, on modeling jobs, and holidays, and back and forth to his home in the UK and Pennsylvania for school. His European managers had found me online, and contacted me, with a confidentiality contract.  So I  worked with him  in secret for about 7 months when he was in town.

This is a singer who could do any genre he wanted.  He sang Sinatra for me! He also did pop and r&b.  The next step was to get him out there, Kenny Ortega was hired. Kenny added dancers, to  get the show moving. And there was Nick, out there singing and dancing all over the country. He even has shoes that light up around the soles when he dances. I bet Usher wishes he had those.

This new single that comes out Monday on iTunes, called,  ‘If I Die Young’ (not the country song of the same name).

Nick is the son of the beautiful Andrea Wynn, married to Steve Wynn. His father is the well-known Robert Hissom. Nick and his brother were raised in Europe and educated at a boarding school.

Nick is on e of the nicest people I have known. He was only 19 when he came to me. When he was in Las Vegas, we would meet for dinner, and if not that, he would still text me and stay in touch. I have so much respect for him, that he has done the homework, and followed his heart to make music.

If I Die Young - Nick HissomAfter our second lesson, we recorded his voice doing “My Way’  for his mum, and Steve. He got thumbs up, and we all had dinner to meet. Mr. Wynn is so into music, I am afraid, the two of us chatted about that one and this one so much, that we ignored everyone else.  We spoke so much, and just about forgot to eat.

So, please  check the song out for yourself on iTunes July 1st If I Die Young’ – Nick Hissom

Nick, I wish you a long  and successful career in this business, we call Show!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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