Vocal Dynamics: Adjusting to each situation

Jessica Marciel

I have done it all. Recording in the beginning, 12-year old, then sang at concert venues. While in high school performed at outdoor concerts, and small and large venues.

Then I did theater at 18, followed by hotel chains and lounges in my 20’s. My 30’s were in large venues again and then in lounges until my late 30’s when I went into a small  supper club venue.

All of these changes make a difference in how you sing.  When you have a band and a huge room, you can let it go, be fearless and belt it out. When 35 people are eating dinner and you are the ambiance, you must pull it back.

This is happening to me now, I recently started singing as a regular at a supper club, {no smoking). One week I sing with a pianist who has keyboard bass, drum machine, and sings, too. I pull the mike away. Sometimes all the way down to my waist, and belt.

The next week I found myself with just a piano player. I was naked out there, had to use my stomach to reel my volume in. I didn’t really need a mike. It was a challenge, but effective. All the patrons could really hear me, and said I sounded better than ever. They didn’t know that I had been having allergy problems in previous weeks.

You have to know your limitations, you have to know how much you can let out. Watch the people, if they lean in to talk to each other, you are too loud. When you have a larger club you can take more chances. I still try to keep the passion and soul of the music even when I sing softer. Just pull the mike farther and farther away if you want to belt it out.

Mic tecnique is so important. make sure your coach is training you with this, and sound check. Sound check keeps going until the engineer tells you to stop. He can’t adjust the panel if you aren’t singing. I sing my sound checks, then I talk, so he has a sense of what I will sound like when I speak.

So, sing on, loud or soft, it can both be very fun, and very emotional.

Jessica Maricel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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