Cory Monteith: And then he was gone

cory-monteithGlee burst onto the TV scene in the fall of 2009 on FOX. It immediately had an impact, musically and thematically through its ensemble cast of varied and talented characters.

A sure measure of success was its destination-status for guest star appearances, from Idina Menzel, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kristin Chenoweth and beyond.

This week, fans of Glee were shocked with the sudden passing of Cory Monteith, one of its main characters. The youthful-looking Monteith, played the character of Finn Hudson, and was the real-life boyfriend of Lea Michele.

Recently, he had success battling the demons of his drug addiction. But as can often be the case, he relapsed, and this time, lost his life.

With the ubiquitous nature of media, we feel a strong connection to our favorite celebrities: Actors, actresses, singers, personalities, athletes, and other media stars. Enjoying the real-life love of Michelle and Monteith is a storybook kind of relationship.

And then, from one day to the next, his life is over at 31. No warning, no reason… not one that will do.

Monteith will leave his performances on 81 episodes of Glee and countless other TV and movie appearances. For Lea Michele, his castmates, friends, and family members, it will never be enough.

More than three years ago, I wrote a post about Glee, with great enthusiasm for its cast, guests, and exciting impact on musical theater in schools and on TV. The new fall season of Glee will be delayed, as adjustments are made for the loss of Monteith. It will continue, but it will also be changed, sadly.

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