Crossing The Bridge

Ken has studied vocal training with me for four years. He was already a good singer, when he came to study with me.  His style is 60’s  The Doors, and Creed, etc. he does Jim Morrison so well, I thought he could be an impersonator. His natural voice is deep and rich like Jim’s. It made sense to go that way. If any agents out there need a Jim Morrison, call me! (702-809-5202)  Ken Is that good!

Ken, and his beautiful wife Michelle, have been wonderful and went to my Las Vegas Rock Hall Of Fame Concert. They went to the after party, and Ken blended in as if he was a Rock Star. When they go out to Open Mic nights, people go crazy when they hear him sing.

Now, after four years, Ken has crossed his bridge from chest voice, and is singing Steelheart’s Angel Eyes, and Journey!  Where did this high voice come from.  Well,, when you study as long as Ken has with me or a good coach, you move your range, you natural range gets wider and after all this singing,, Ken found his head voice!  I am so proud of him, and I know he will be working in music full-time soon.

It isn’t easy now. Not  like the old days, but it is possible. If anyone can do it, he can!!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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