American Idol Boys: This isn’t Rock Camp. It is national TV.

I was so disapointed last night. I thought the girls would up their game for the last few weeks when it really gets to be a competition.

If I got that far, and then gave a Holiday Inn lounge performance. In other words phoned it in, shame on me. I speak from experience, as an entertainer at Marriotts, and Ramada Inns, as well as Playboy Clubs and other venues such as those, when in my twenties. Let me just say that we were better than these kids. We really gave  great shows and then turned around and did dance sets.

We had double duty, we had to perform, entertain, and then just change our clothes, pump up the band music and dance them. All this live and all this 6 nights a week. So, when someone tells me, they are young, they need work, I’m sorry, do the work first, then audition for these shows. You better study your craft, know what songs you will want to do, and show you off, and have an idea of who you are.

This isn’t Rock Camp. It is national TV. Yes, they get better every week, they grow, but there is such a thing as having a base and comfort with the band and stage, that can only come from knocking around clubs and performing.

Before I start watching tonight’s episode of Ellen and Simon’s Love Boat, I’d like add my 25 cents on the concept of four judges. One word comes to mind WHY???? After Ellen says that he or she is adorable and a great singer, or you missed it tonight BUT you are adorable, Randy and Kara put  another 2 cents in, and then if  Simon agrees with anyone, it becomes a whoaaa moment.

A hush comes over the crowd. Speaking of the studio audience: Where do they find these people who boo every time an honest, “you didn’t hit the mark tonight dawg” comes out, Boo they cry.

Well, guess what people, here at home it sounded awful. After hearing from three judges (who don’t vote at this part of the process), the fourth comment is useless. Is this to kill time? To get another commercial break in. How rich do these producers need to be?

This show should be done in an hour, every time! Bam!! Done!!!

Try going to YouTube and check out the  X Factor In Britain, they really get it done. Like the French are with pastry, they are with Idol and X Factor. American greed is so annoying and I am sure that three judges would suffice. So, I’m ready to judge the boys, and I really hope they bring it tonight. We have a few decent singers, but no one has wowed us yet, c-mon guys, I want the hair to stand up on the back of my neck. God I miss James Brown!!!! So, who will be in the top twelve?

  • Lee started the show. A lot of these guys remind me of John Mayer, Morrison etc. It wasn’t a flawless performance. I wonder if they can hear themselves? It was a nice performance, Memo to Ellen: the pitch problems do matter and the fact that he is adorable has nothing to do with it. Please find a new word! As Simon said “there wasn’t a moment” but  he will make it  through to next week. Lee has a very good sound though and can hear that he would be popular.
  • Alex did “Trouble”, great bluesy song. His best performance to date. If he doesn’t win, we will hear from him anyway. All the comments were good about Alex.
  • Tim did  a very stiff “Hallelujah” ouch,,, I love this song and my student. Cherish, sings the bananas out of this one.. It was NOT good,  judges loved it. I don’t get it?
  • Andrew Garcia, really like him,  the one who did “Straight up” at auditions. he did “Genie in a Bottle”. Like his smokey voice. Nothing earth shattering here, still, like his “sound” lacking stage presence and confidence. Just guitar and voice. Randy thought it was monotone, Ellen thought it was a great choice, end was good (because it was over?).  Kara said he peaked too early so hard for him to be great, Simon agreed. He needs to really step it up if he stays. He has something.
  • Casey is good looking , yes , if you are the age demographic that is voting. But the record label wants you to also have the chops. Doing a Keith Urban song, I liked it. All these guys have the smokey country thing going on. He was on key, more than anyone else.The cleanest performance yet. Randy said it was safe. I think all of it is safe.  Ellen used the “GREAT” again. It was not GREAT. No one has shown the “spark”.
  • Aaron did another country song.  His vibrato kills me,, the bridge was strong. perhaps the monitors are not right, he went flat, but belted out. Randy was right, the lows were weak and the power notes were the bridge. Kara and Ellen were wrong, you can sing a song about a family even if you haven’t lived it. He did tell the story, well, Girls, get over it.
  • Todrick chose a Queen song.Very difficult songs to do.  After Adam Lambert, this takes guts. At least he went for it! It was gospel and it was confusing, I don’t know if I liked it. I liked some of it. “Somebody To Love” is a belter, was the best  he has done. But he wouldn’t pass the audition for me.
  • Michael Lynch, Now we are talking. He made me think of Luther Vandross. This is the man. I got my goose bumps. Thank you Mike! Thank you so much! Bravo! Maxwell would be so proud.  Kara cried! Ellen loved it, but didn’t say “Adorable”.  Simon said it was so needed, after a boring night. Best performance of season Simon says! I would buy that puppy!

Now I can post this and leave on a high note, Mike’s high note!

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