The First Elimination Show On American Idol: My Take

The girls open for the group vocal, they sound very good together. The group was very good, nice blend. The show has a nice start. Too bad this isn’t a group competition. I did exchange messages with rehearsal pianist, Michael Orland, about the show last night. He said American Idol musical staff are not allowed to help the contestants choose songs, or put their 2 cents in. Their hands are tied. What a shame!!

So glad Siobhan is safe. Love her. Haeyley, Michelle, and Katelyn are safe. All these girls have to up their game for next week  Perhaps if the producers let the judges hear more talent instead of circus freaks at the auditions, we may have a better crop of talent.

Janell and Katie are not safe, I agree, although I liked Janell. Janell is departing the show first, they would both go soon anyway. I feel America got it right.  I just don’t think either one should have made it to Los Angeles. There needs to be a higher quality 0f talent.

Paige and Lacey next. Both were safe. Lilly Scott, who I like because she is different,  is safe, too. Crystal, I really like, but it was a bit coffee house, she stays.  Didi and Ashley were next, Didi stays; Ashley goes.  Ashley was better tonight singing her swan song, if she only sounded like that  2 nights ago, she may have stayed. I quite enjoyed her tonight.

Big Mike is my favorite, He stays! I am glad. so very glad.  John Park, who tanked last night, is safe. Aaron Kelly and Todrick Hall are safe.  Joe Munoz and Tim Urban. Tim is safe; the one Simon hated. YES America, you got it right. Joe goes home, has nice voice but for a cover band. Maybe in a year or so, he will be more polished, he needs to grow.  So far so good. I feel like the public are not listening to the judges and making up their own minds.

Kris Allen performed. Adam Lambert should have won, but America doesn’t like eyeliner on men! Too bad, but Adam is doing great. His CD is on the charts and he is very well known, more so than the winner. Kris Allen. His “Let It Be”was very forgettable.. Kris who?

Casey was safe. That was expected. Mr. Eye Candy and can sing too.  Jermaine also safe. Glad he has another chance.

Lee Dewyze and Andy Garcia both safe. I agree.

Tyler Grady, Alex Lambert, and of the two. Alex stays and I do not agree. Loved Tyler’s rocker style. I am not in agreement with this one, but  you can’t have it all.

I have Big Mike in mind for the finals and hope that he shines, not to give his family a ” better life”  but because he is a natural born singer. Now we can chillax for a week, and see what happens.

Jessica Marciel
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