Emerging Artist: Rowdy McCarran

The Band

The Band

A few years ago, I met this electric singer, so seasoned and with a voice rich with country-warmth.  He is Rowdy McCarran, and I asked him why he was in Las Vegas?

He performed at rodeos and was voted the best band in the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in 2012 and 2013. He played post-party shows for Randy Travis and Kenny Rogers. 

Ronee and Rowdy

Ronee and Rowdy

Rowdy also sang at lounges, and clubs. I asked him ‘What are you waiting for?  You need to get to Nashville, yesterday!”

Before I knew it, he bought an RV and packed up to travel across country. It was his time. I had hoped to hook him up with my friend there, Eric Bikales, who knows all the heavies and is an arranger-pianist for Neil Sedaka, among others.

Eric was just on the road so much; lucky  for Rowdy, he met great people who got him very good songwriters and musicians.  When his album was finished,  the songs I heard were great and strong.  I knew it was just a matter of time before the world would hear him.

In concert at the Double Barrel Roadhouse!

In concert at the Double Barrel Roadhouse!

His album  ‘R M ‘ was recorded at the famous Treasure Isle Studio  in Nashville. Home to Jason Aldean.

Chuck Dauphin of Billboard Magazine loves the album, and gave it high praise. Bill Hennes of AllAboutCountry.com calls it a ‘Real Winner’… Someone give him a record deal’

This October, Rowdy’s incredible band performed at the Double Barrel Roadhouse in front of the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas. I got there early, very early, and made sure I would be close.  I got so much more than I came for.  I got a party, concert, standing room only, dance-a-thon.

I’m telling you, I could not stop dancing. It was like I was make in Los Angeles, at the Forum

Rowdy Mccarran

Rowdy MCcarran

The opening song, ‘Hell of a Night‘ by Dustin Lynch set the tone for an exciting up beat hard driven set.  then followed by ‘Shes Country‘ by Jason Aldean was a perfect second choice.  Now, the originals from the album,,,’Picks In A Pocket‘, Trailer Made‘, ‘Fast Enough‘, ‘Say You Will‘ a ballad I am very fond of, with a great hook, ‘Ride It Out‘, ‘Should have Danced‘, another favorite  ‘Chicka Boom‘, and Finally another fav ‘Crazy Enough‘.

The amazing band making everyone stay up on their feet are: Drummer Scott Westbrook, is so strong, so on the money, in the pocket, you name it! He has toured with Suspect, Roulette, Dirty Pairadice, Hair nation and more. Scotts addition to the group solidifies the intense concert level of the band.

Bassist: Gerhard Krause  is as solid as they come. He has been with Rowdy the longest. He has performed with John Rich, of Big and Rich, Andrew Tierney of Human Nature , and more.  he locks in with the drummer like you rarely hear!

Guitarist: Ronee Pena is a solid pro. Coming from the Los Angeles and Orange County area, he has worked with Los Lobos, The Tubes, and the B52’s, as well as his funk and latin roots, with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Styx (I know, right, all my favorites too!!) !It is quite obvious Ronee is a real Pro and knows how to get the audience going. 

Guitar 2 : Andrew Chute a great asset to this band, is a graduate of the The Musicians Institue 2008, and Co Founder of The Toy cars, and has arranged for Cirque Shows as well as Celine Dion. 

Scott Westbrook and Ronee Pena are both quite the showmen as well. Scott is one of the finest and strongest drummers I have seen. Ronee has the chops and moves and long blowing in the wind Hair, that Rowdy can play off of.  With Gerhard, and Andrew this is the ideal combination of showmen and musicians.

I can honestly say, Rowdy is so ready for the world. get the CD, R M, Listen to him on ReverbNation and SoundCloud and if you get the chance, go see this Band of Fire ! You wont be sorry!

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