Some of my favorite singers

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield

My taste is all over the board when it comes to favorite singers. I just love good talent, and I also like style. I love Natalie Cole, and Dusty Springfield. Two completely different styles. I love Natalie for her instrument, and Dusty for her sultry, smokey sound.

I have always liked Carmen McRae and Jack Jones. I love local singer Jerry Lopez, and his brother LennyLannie Counts and Eric Sean are Great!   Too many to mention!

Other great Las Vegas singers are Ronnie Rose, Tony Davich, and Jamie Hosmer. Jeannine Marie knocks me out with her powerful voice. Ronnie Fabre, Joni James, and Michelle Rohl are great rockers. . I heard ‘I know You By Heart’ by Michelle Johnson at a memorial service, and it was  Fantastic.! Dolly Coulter is one of my favs. 

Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae have always moved me, Johnny Hartman and Chet Baker moved me to tears in my 20’s when I would really marathon their albums 

Singers, such as Beyoncé do nothing for me. Jennifer Hudson tugs at your heartstrings in Dreamgirls.

Carrie Underwood is great, always get her albums. Martina McBride is one of the greats.  Curtis StigersFred Ross, The late  Brad Cordle, Tata Vega, Ted Neeley, gets me every time.

I love Hayley Williams, from Paramore, total rocker, and Ann Wilson from Heart. I love the style of Sophie Milman; very Julie London. I do not care for the singer who does not move you with the voice. You may hear a great singer, but the hair does not stick up on your arms. I love when a singer sings the lyric. 

Beth Hart and Melissa Etheridge are great. 

One of my students, Lou Lou White  , who is French, sang an Edith Piaf song for me, I had no idea what it meant, but I was in tears.

That is what I mean, I love singers who love to sing and mean what they sing.

Jessica Marciel
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  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Yes, Carmen McRae was a fantastic jazz singer.

    Your readers might also want to get familiar with Nancy LaMott, Ann Hampton Callaway and Jane Monheit for impeccable and moving vocals in the jazz vein.

    I am a vocal coach, too, here in Los Angeles (Burbank), and somehow heard the Top 12 Guys on American Idol somewhat differently from you. I was not quite as impressed, as I didn’t hear much raw talent vocally and didn’t see much natural charisma.

    Unfortunately the judges (as you so aptly point out), are NOT singers. There’s a difference between calling someone “pitchy” and actually differentiating between whether they are sharp or flat. Not enough emphasis is put on lyrics, interpretation and phrasing, breath control and emotional connection.

    Too much focus is given to wardrobe and whether someone is cute. While appearance does go a long way in the marketing, as we’ve learned with Susan Boyle, even unattractive people can have careers. Personally I’m not a fan of Susan Boyle. I don’t get the attraction (pun intended) to her. She has no connection to the material, is a robotic performer, needs to learn rhythm and phrasing, and can’t sustain a career on one song from Les Miserables. But I digress —

    Back to singers I like – In addition to the women I’ve already mentioned, I like Janis Ian and Alanis Morissette…


    PS: You can hear me tracks from my CD on MySpace with the fabulous Michael Orland on piano.

  2. Thanks for your comments Rachel, Jane Monheit is one of my favs also. I agree with you on the contestants, there isn’t a powerhouse in the whole lot. Perhaps if they didn’t concentrate on people like the pants down guy, they could hear more talent.
    I think that presence is a big part of selling records, they aren’t looking for great singers, that we would like, they are looking for young people who can appeal to a young market, and sell a lot of stupid records. I do the commentary because I have a lot of young students who are 15, 16 and producers are asking me to teach them to sing. They want the Hot looking young thing and then they want them to sing well enough to perform while dancing, example: my students D&A youtube officialAandA page, It is pathetic but things have changed since I was a recording artist! Thanks again Rachel,, you have good taste in music, Jess

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