Feeling Worthwhile as an Entertainer

feeling worthwhileMany times in my life, I felt insignificant… almost unnoticed, as if I were Muzak. This was in the later years of singing in supper clubs, instead of showrooms. When I was younger, touring and working shows with people who truly left the house to be entertained, it was a whole unique rewarding time.


Entertainment is often there, just for  ambiance, until those few come in who actually listen and respond to your music. I got burned out from this in the 90’s, and stopped working clubs and just did weddings for the next 6-7 years.

In the late 80’s, I was working in a very popular place, Cafe Michelle. Customers who gathered there really paid attention and made requests.  The were kind and complimentary and that was a real boost. The place was packed, and  the town smaller, so there were fewer venues. We were the hot ticket. With lines outside the door, and misters outside for the hot summer nights.

Then the 90’s rolled in. I was at Ruth’s Chris, as a duo.  It was cigar smoking, and people waiting for their tables, and not as pleasant an experience.

And in 2010, I was doing it again at Tommasino’s, in Pahrump. The people there  really enjoy music. It is a wonderful community. I enjoyed every night of it. When you work at a lounge or supper club, you have all kinds of situations. Some people walk in and  head right to the piano bar.  Some ask for a table near the music, and others as far away as possible. Bottom line, you can’t take it personally.

You are there to share your talent, to make a living, and whatever feedback you may get can’t affect your performance.  When my students have stage fright, I try to tell them to go to another place, get lost in the song. There are so many beautiful things to look at when I’m on stage at Tommasino’s that I can get lost in a song while admiring the view.

A woman said she noticed how passionately I was singing Can’t help lovin’ that man” from Porgy and Bess. I repeated what I tell my students, “Sing the song as if you wrote it. feel it and mean it.” When I sang Close To You”, I thought of my daughter Alexandra. I do that with most songs that have a good lyric.

If you enjoy yourself, be grateful you are even working! Then you will feel it is all worthwhile.

Jessica Marciel
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