Final Six American Idol Sing Shania Twain

  • Lee did a nice job with “Still The One” he  has won me over over the last few shows. Shania was adorable, great sense of humor and quite humble. She was very emotional with Mike, he sang “It Only Hurts When I Breathe” She seemed very moved and when I heard it, I loved it. They showed her as he sang, and she teared up. He knows his genre, he has his game on. Even though this season hasn’t been very exciting, There are a few singers we have grown to like. These are two of them.
  • Shania meets with Casey: I think she gave the singers a lot of valuable help and feedback. She and Adam Lambert were the only ones this season who were worth anything, as mentors. This was his best vocal performance this season. Best I have ever heard from him. He showed real tenderness and raw emotion. Her songs seem to be best for all these singers. She is such a great writer. It proves you don’t have to be a great singer to pull out the stops on a performance.
  • Crystal did a real country style song. Reminded me of Patsy Cline, and was cutesy. She sang the song  about and for her boyfriend, but not a great choice for the competition.
  • Aaron did a beautiful You’ve Got A way with You”. Her songs brought out the best in him, too. That was his best performance. I never liked him before. Now, I like him!  Shania is clearly working her magic.
  • Siohban has lost me in the last few weeks. Maybe tonight she will win me back. “Any Man Of Mine” was Shania’s first hit. Siohban’s low lows are always suspect. This was typical Siohban, high notes, and bad low notes.

My favorite part of the show was hearing these great songs, written by Shania Twain. Wish they had done them when there were 12 contestants left, and we could have heard more of them.

Marciel, over and out

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