Grammy Time 56th year!

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Jay Z and Beyonce, minus her extensions, chair dancing . At first I thought it was a rerun of Flashdance. Drunken Love,  a duet with hubby Jay Z,

L L Cool J is someone I like, as an actor, so I was glad to see him as the emcee.   The best award was for best new artist.  The winner:  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  A lot of firsts tonight.   This was a band, without a record label.  So Bravo!  Record labels take note,, you are losing money.

The next award was song Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams  ‘Get Lucky’, winning over Blurred lines!!!!! REALLY???  Well, ok, next, Katy Perry performed. This was a big production! For her, it was dark, in color and mood. Like a black and white film with a splash of red.  This was really different from anything we have seen or heard from her.

Now I am excited… Chicago and Robin Thicke!  They started with a medley from Chicago, then went into Robins Blurred lines. Odd couple I might say. Robin just sings with too many riffs.  To sing Chicago, he needs to tone it down, Please.

Then his song worked because Chicago could do it well.

John Legend always makes me smile, and his performance was lovely. To me, this is music. I loved it to say the least.

The next award for best Rock song; Cut Me Some Slack,, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl.

  It also seems Taylor swift has been studying voice. She hit her mark and had control, glad to say. She tossed her hair as if it were salad dressing,, and I bet she has a neck brace on tomorrow.

Pink was up there on the wires, and I do believe she sings live while doing it,, I just think she would  fake it.  The dancing after she came down was amazing!   She was great!  song; Give me a Reason, love the song. She got the first Standing O.

Best pop solo performance:  Lorde???    well,   kind of funny, since she isnt a performer yet! She won Over Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Sara Barielles and Justin timberlake, ????????? Time for an aspirin.

Ringo then performed . The Beatles had received a Lifetime Achievement award the previous day. Olivia Harrison, Yoko Ono and Ringo attended, because Paul had to rehearse.  To accept this honor was… cough   Yoko Ono, with very long speech.

Now, she was with John right before the Beatles split up.  She was a John Lennon wife not a Beatles wife, so why they let her ramble, I do not know! It is said, Ringo, was on his cell phone when she spoke…..

The best thing about the Grammys is Music Cares,  This Grammy Org, changes peoples lives. If you make or made your living in Music, even in little towns,  you don’t have to be famous, you just have to need help.  They have helped 3 of my friends when they were ill, and one dying.   That is the best Grammy, The MusiCares org, and if you are in trouble, they can and will help you. If you give to PBS or other political orgs, spare a dollar or twenty for MusiCares, after all, one day, the one in trouble may be YOU.

Julia Roberts  told us about the 50 year anniversary tribute about the Beatles, 2-hour special, to be aired at the same time as the original Ed Sullivan show airing. This is February 9th.  Than Paul and Ringo played together.

Pop Vocal Album:  Bruno Mars  Unorthadox Jukebox      Yeah 

Stevie  Wonder and Daft Punk,,,WHY??  I am a little sad,,, now, This is painful.  I think I must sign off, and good Grammy watching for the rest of the ,,,,,,,,show..

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