Will happy days ever to return to TV?

happy-days-cast-photoIt’s almost 2011, and I thought reality shows would have gone the way of platform shoes. I have to admit that I do watch a few of them. Gene Simmons Family Jewels, I find fun, and even though I know it is scripted, his kids and Shannon Tweed are just so much fun, you want to be around them.

Another one I watch, once-in-a-blue-moon, is The Kardashians; only because it amazes me that it is still on. Every situation is so contrived and the girls, except for mom Kris, sound like they inhaled helium before every show. Speaking as a singer and voice coach, I cannot for the life of me figure out why no one has suggested elocution lessons?

Except for those, a few competition shows, So you think you can Dance, Sing off, and Yes, Idol, that is it for my reality viewing.

When Oprah announced her own network, OWN, I must say I was curious. Then her magazine came out previewing the new shows, more than half are reality shows with people like (cough), excuse me, Ryan O’Neal reconciling with daughter, Tatum!

Oprah also gave BFFGayle King ,her own show! OK, cable news has a lot of hours to fill up, but come on! Dr. Oz is terrific. And Nate Berkus, give us more of that and I will watch. give someone a musical variety show, something that has been missing a long time. Oprah, I thought I knew you. we will see what else her dream team can come up with.

I am old enough to remember watching The Ed Sullivan Show. As a dreamy-eyed kid, I watched Sullivan when people like Bobby Darin, The Beatles and great singers would entertain the family every Sunday night. The Carol Burnett Show was amazing, even the Mandrel sisters show was great. Sonny and Cher, Judy Garland had a show, Sinatra, times were magical. then the Beverly Hillbillies took over and it was all down hill after that.

Will we ever return to good TV programming? We had The Wire, The Shield, a lot of terrific shows, Sopranos and more, but the musical has become amateur hour, and we are forced to watch regular people competing for a prize and voting from our cell phones and laptops.

I suppose you can’t go back. Everything I miss is old fashioned, out of date, never to return except in Guthy Renker DVD commercials of old Dean Martin shows!

Ed, Judy, Sonny, Cher, Barbra Mandrel, Dean, Mel Torme, Frank, Carol… You all rocked my world growing up, and I wish my students could be exposed to the brilliant TV programing of my day.

In closing, if you do see an infomercial for any of these shows, check them out, you can learn a lot from these pros. Even the Johnny Carson show will expose you to greatness.

Good night and good luck.

Jessica Marciel
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