Helen J. Stewart School – Hail ‘The Mighty Turtles’

John and Jessica

John and Jessica

My friend, guitarist and songwriter,  John McDonnell, asked me to sing a new song for Helen J Stewart School.

This is an exceptional school for special kids, teens and young adults.  The student age range is from 7 to 20. They are people with certain needs which regular schools cannot provide for. The Stewart School is on Viking and Flamingo, I have traveled by it many time.

Helen J. Stewart

“Where Life is Special”

Helen J. Stewart Vision Statement

Helen J. Stewart embraces the vision that all students can develop the skills necessary to become participating members of their communities.

I last saw John when we were filming a photo shoot on Fremont Street for the documentary DVD of The Las VegasRock Reunion Hall Of Fame. John was an inductee, as was I.

We were in the same photo shoot… nighttime slot. The other options, in the heat of the summer, were in remote desert locations!  This particular meet was Downtown Las Vegas at The Beat Coffee House and Records.

The Beat has become a popular meeting place for people, coffee, and live music. Each band was taken outside and we walked and danced and posed in front of the Neon bright lights of Downtown. 

I have always admired John for  his calm, cool talent, and pleasant personality. I was surprised and honored he wanted ‘me’ to record his song.  I said “Yes!” right away.  I was even more surprised when we rehearsed the song and it was one of the coolest kind of Michael Franks, hip kind of tune.

Listen to the new school song

I was even more happy when he told we would record with one of the best in the business, T-Bone, at his recording studio. He is one of the top recording engineers anywhere.

I had recently recorded the standard ‘I Won’t Dance’ with T-Bone and he made me sound so good!  I like him, always have, and wish I were recording more often.

John is now the musical director of the Stewart school, and he said they had a song that was 20 years old,  he said no one liked it!  So,  he wrote this cool as school song and now when they hear it, on Nov 1st over the intercom, I wish I could be there to see the faces of the people who will be speechless.

We are talking , a song that with different words, could be a jazz standard. I will, along with T-Bone and John, be mentioned in the school newsletter, about the song. I am a part of the school’s history now. Thrilled and happy, and so honored that John thought of me to do this.

mighty-turtleThe school mascot is ‘The Mighty Turtles’. The Mighty Turtles written on the school building, yet the old song never mentioned the name!  In this song, the coda and repeated coda is Me and the Mighty Turtles Over and Over, and I can hear the school singing the coda with me every Friday.

Listen to the new school song

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