Idol Gives Back: All-Stars and Charity Night

Wednesday night was  a special show with guest stars for the annual Idol Gives Back show.  With a forgettable performance by Black Eyed Peas, Idol was off to a weak start. What is the big deal about them? I don’t get it. Guess you have to 20 years old to get them.

George Lopez was a bright spot by judging the judges. He was so funny. He said because of the volcanic ash, Simon is safe, no flights to England! Otherwise, he would have to go. Very good material, then Ryan called Lopez, Eric Estrada!

jeff-beck-joss-stoneJeff Beck, and Joss Stone, now we are on track. Now that is what grooves this blogger. Beck and Stone ,sounds like a law firm but they are two of the BEST artists out there. I had to call my old friend and favorite guitar player in Los Angeles and anywhere else, John Sterling, to tell him to tune in. He doesn’t watch the show. Most grown ups don’t, I believe.

The first few years were so good, now I hear from most of my friends, they only watch the first few weeks for the freak show.  My least favorite shows, are the favorite shows of everyone else. Now I realize why the producers are looking for the worst talent not the best. They out did themselves this year. Let too many good ones get away.

Alicia Keys, was so out of tune, breathing so badly, I wanted to tell her to get back to the piano, and hide her big butt and lip sync!  Really, truly, a bad performance. This woman is overrated. Some people are just  better in the studio where the engineer can tweak them. She sang from the throat. She is lucky to be where she is.  I love some of her songs, but I would never go see her, in concert, after this.

I believe that the last three standing will be: Mike, Crystal, and Lee. I can’t wait, and I mean that, to see who goes home tonight. I believe it will be Aaron or Tim.

Carrie Underwood sangJust a Fool a song about charity. Great song from her new album. She is a solid singer, If I were Alicia Keys, I’d be talking to Michael Orland about lessons. Michael is the Idol pianist and a voice coach in Studio city. I believe Carrie the best thing to ever come out of this show.

Wanda Skyes was a nice change, she makes me laugh. She really tells the truth, about when they make the loser sing right after they announce they are a loser. It is so true!

Competitors who have just been cut are all choked up, their dreams are smashed. Now go sing, and remind the people why they didn’t vote for you!  Love her.

Another of my fav singers, Annie Lennox, went to Africa and had an inspiring story. She sang so beautifully, Annie, to me, has always been the white soul singer. I used to listen to her for hours. She is one of a kind. She was stranded in London because of the volcano, but they had her sing via satelite. She is amazing everytime I hear her. What a treat.

The end was near,, we heard  Elton John , and a few others. I was  anxious to get to the end of the show to see who goes home. Randy, Mary J and Travis Barker did a nice version of “Stairway to Heaven”. Elton had the red piano, and performed from the Pasadena all-star location.  “Your Song”, positively brilliant!

I can tell you first hand the joy of singing this song. It is magical. He writes for singers. His partner Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics; amazing lyrics.

We were on overtime,  and found out who goes home: Tim, fine… finally… MARCIEL, OVER AND OUT

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