The most important man in my solo career

In the 70’s I was in groups, traveling all over the country. Living out of a trunk. I was in Commonwealth with my then boyfriend, Jorge Casas, and friend  Maurice Moore.

Our Playboy Club contracts were over and we had been at the Lions Den at the original MGM and the Blue Room at the Tropicana. But things slowed down, Maurice, Jorge and I were doing a trio at a little place by the Sahara Hotel, when lenn Cooper heard me.  He booked a showroom at the Marina Hotel. He wanted me to open for a then-unknown comic, Gallagher. Jorge wrote my music and was excited for me. At the time, he was thinking of moving back to Miami, to finish his degree.

When our show kept getting extended, for sold out shows, 4 weeks became, 8, and 8 became 10 etc.. Jorge said, “I’m going to Miami, are you coming?” I was torn. I was doing well, and a group at the Tropicana was waiting for my show to close so I could work for them!

I left Jorge, or he left me, A big decision, we were having problems anyway with his Cuban ways. His culture is so different, and at that time, he had little respect for an American woman. Although I believe he loved me and felt I was not typicaly American. But the strain on his hot temper made it easier for us to spiit. We stayed in touch. He joined Gloria Estefan in the 80’s and still is her Musical Director, today

My show at the Marina gave me the confidence that I, and I alone, could hold a room, be funny, sing my arse off, excuse me but, no  other way to put it.  Dad brought his celebrity friends in and Variety Magazine’s Bill Williard reviewed me nicely.

Now, I the had the confidence to be a solo act. I was Jessica and Fantasy at the Summa Corporation Hotels, The Sands, Frontier, Landmark, Castaways. I was working, had a press agent, the late Judy Gold. She was great. I miss her dearly.  My decade of solo performing, with and without, a lot of help.

So, lenn Cooper, Thank you so much for getting me out of my shell. I am eternally grateful for your belief in me. 20 years hence, Gallagher called out of the blue, and said, ” Let’s do it again!!’ We did the show twice in the 90’s, at the Sahara.

What a life!

Jessica Marciel
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