Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Where Are They Now? – Part 3





LOU LOU WHITE: Ready to Break Out

At that time, she and her husband had been in America about two years. They had just moved to Las Vegas when Lou Lou  found me, online.

Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training

Marine Goujon

The moment this beautiful girl opened her mouth, I was amazed. She had so much soul! her CD was good vocally, but the horns were weak and She was better than the album. The songs were good, really good, but not commercial, enough? So, they said.  Tom flipped over her and they decided to write an album together. Every time they wrote a song, Tom and Marine knocked it out fast, I did a lot of back-up vocals . We used horns and strings too. Marine is a great writer and they clicked, quickly.

My relationship with Tom Marolda, and his input with my talented students is priceless. He not only writes with and sometimes for them,  them, but is most generous in giving credit in their  co-writing the songs. I have former students who only gave him ideas for a song, and he was so generous. In Marine’s case, she did write everything with him.  Some others, have not. Most of all, Marine is a writer; and was before they met.

Marine comes to me weekly and takes her study very seriously. When her first single breaks, she will be in shape to do a long concert because of her stamina. I have the highest respect for her dedication. When I describe Marine, I only think of blue-eyed soul singers, like Dusty Springfield, Joss Stone, Adele, and Jesse J (because of her power).

I try to mentor my students, and give them direction for what genre they would excel in, what they should do to start the process. The original material, the production, the exposure is all a start. Then you need a break, someone to take notice, or someone like Tom to place your song or songs in film, or TV shows.

Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training

Dayna Kovicic

Dayna Kovacic: A gift for writing lyrics

Dayna had been with me long before I started collaborating with Tom. She goes back to when I was sending students to Los Angeles to write with Brody Brown. She would drive to Hollywood just about every weekend and write with Brody, and call me, Sunday night, I’m almost in Vegas , can I come over and play my new song for you? It as always mind-blowing!

When nothing was happening for her with the songs, I took her to Tom, they clicked very well and she wrote some Twilight-type vampire-oriented songs. Tom got some interest from the show Vampire Diaries, and they kept writing. Dayna continues studying with me and I am quite proud of her. She is a stunning girl with a natural talent for lyrics. She will keep writing until something hits and I know it will one day.

Thank you for reading my blogs. I am so proud of my students and my next blog will be about some students who are doing tributes to The Doors, Paramore, and some singers working The Strip as piano/singers in the hotels.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training


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