Working with YOU, Breathing, Singing, & Teaching Technique… and, oh yes, Pricing!

Dollar SignIf you came to the pricing tab first, Congratulations… you’re normal!        I am quite reasonable,  60 dollars for 60 minutes of  my undivided attention,..

When people are not sure what to ask, first, it’s easy to ask about price. So, if you didn’t start on the Singing Lessons tab, with its five information-packed sections, you can continue on this screen for the somewhat humorous, unorthodox and equally informative approach.

More Than Just A Lesson

I charge by the time we spend together (usually 60 minutes), and both you and I put in time, outside the lesson.

  • I prepare breathing and stretching for you to do at home, as study aids, for you to practice between lessons. (You WERE planning on practicing, weren’t you?) – By the way, proper breathing, is often the biggest challenge for new students.
  • Once I’ve assessed your beginning skill level and understand your aspirations, I plan lessons WITH you. Lesson content is evolutionary; changing every week, based on your goals, practice habits, and progress.
  • Music appreciation is an old-school term meaning ‘music history.’ I take special care to broaden the music and singer knowledge of all ages of students.
  • Singing the lyric: Singing a song, effectively, means more than singing the melody in tune (although that’s helpful…). The lyric tells a story. To be an effective singer, it’s critical to understand the story, and then communicate it, in song, with phrasing that shapes the delivery.
  • Microphone Technique: Knowing how to hold a microphone, project into it, and pull away from it, are just a few basic skills requiring development.
  • Stage Craft: Body rhythms, dancing, counting in the band, counting out the band, and talking to the audience, are a few performance basics requiring guidance and repetition.
  • Jessie Paul - Studio CI’ve been a singer since 6; a professional since 12: You and I talk about the BUSINESS of SHOW BUSINESS. I have decades of professional singing experience in a variety of situations. And that gives YOU a major advantage, with me, as your vocal coach.
  • Being Frank: Sometimes, it’s easy to recognize talent, immediately. And that person, might be lazy, and fail to reach their potential. Other people start slower, apply themselves, and blossom. My job is to coach you, motivate you, remind you to practice, and nag you, if you’d like.
  • Have Some Fun: Whether you’ve chosen to sing for personal enjoyment, be the greatest Karaoke singer in your neighborhood, or become a working professional, live it up and have some fun! I do my level best to bring the joy to every lesson, for every lesson.

So that’s the straight-up scoop. I’m always excited to meet my next new student. And, share my knowledge and Learn from you as well…

It appears I’m doing a pretty complete job. So, please call me before I increase my rates.    702-809-5202

>>> If you’re curiousgo back to the long version (it’s not as funny, though).


Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training





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