Singing Lessons

Las Vegas Vocal Training 

… provides singing lessons for professional and aspiring singers to improve technical and performance skills.

As a prospective student, the first task is to evaluate your vocal skills and design a custom lesson program to attain your goals.

Vocal students tell me they enjoy working with me because I’m adept at identifying a singer’s strengths and weaknesses, quickly, and conveying ways to improve technique in understandable, laymen’s terms.

I work closely with producer/composer Thomas Marolda. Tommy has written Grammy award-winning songs and writes with CherRichie Sambora, among others.

He recently completed a Sylvester Stallone film soundtrack,  CREED due out in NOV 2015.  . Right now, 2015-16 , he completing an album with Richie Sambora and Orianthe, I contracted the singers for the C D.   He also Produced Artist ROMAN< and GOLD MONKEY, both of who I work with.   He  has put my students on songs they have co-written, and placed them in TV and Film.


Lou Lou White completed her album. Lou Lou is constantly working, at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, The House Of Blues and the Tuscany Hotel. .  Nick Hissom has started touring, kicking off with a concert at Tryst, in the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas. Nicholas Olate has worked with me for his new album, he is the America’s Got Talent winner of 2012, with his family act.    I SKYPE lessons with a lot of these performers now on the road, and moving constantly.   Skyping is another way to take lessons  at your convenience.

Just ask Jessica about Skyping and she will tell you the prices and make herself available to you.

One of the most important elements of teaching, is to make lessons fun. Singing and learning to sing should always be fun, and invoke your passion.

Jessica Marciel

Jessica Marciel

Lessons includes vocal exercises, as well as audition and performance technique. All lessons are private. Periodically, portions of a lesson are recorded so you can hear what you are doing well, and what needs improvement.

I urge you to browse the website for further details about lessons, student highlights, click on the STUDENTS tab; hear their new recordings, view my Bio and read my blogs.

Inquire online, or text  directly at 702-809-5202. Texting or email is best because I am with students a lot. Please note that drop-in meetings, evaluations, or lessons are not offered. I am located in the SOUTHWEST–Area.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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Singing Skills Evaluation - 30 minute session, only $20 Click HERE For Details