More Stories of the 70’s and Heartbreak

The Sands Hotel

The Sands Hotel

When I was basking in the comfort of my open ended contract with Summa, life was good. We were packing the Regency Lounge every night at the Sands. The pit bosses liked us, even the dealers seemed to enjoy our eclectic show.

While I had some dates once in a while, there was no one special.. A few years earlier, while working the Blue Room at the Tropicana, my dad brought someone in to hear me. It was Wayne Newton‘s sax player, Rick Frazier. I wasn’t real impressed, he seemed older to me, and I was still with Jorge Casas at the time. But now it was years later, and Jorge was gone.

I”m in the lounge at the Sands, and Rick is in the showroom, with Wayne, he starts to come out and bring his horn. He sat in a lot, and sounded great. He did the solo on “Just the Way You Are” and I was hooked. there was one little problem that I wasn’t aware of. Rick was married with two little kids. He  eventually mentioned this when he PROPOSED. Yes, I swear, that is how it happened. He said, If I divorce my wife, will you marry me? I asumed they were separated. I still don’t know if they were.

Jessica, with her dad, Irv Kluger

Jessica, with her dad, Irv Kluger

Before I knew it, his family was sent off to Florida, and we were ring shopping. He swept me off my feet and my game. He asked Wayne to be best man; he said yes, and we started planning. The wedding was at  the Regency Towers. My grandma, Nana, came from Atlantic City. It was a big deal.

I believe the guest list was about 150 people, but about 300 showed up! It was in all the papers. The Original Wedding Crashers.

And I had broken my foot a month before the wedding, shooting some outdoor photos, and just had the cast off. So, I  limped, barefoot down the aisle with dad saying, “It’s not too late to back out”. He said  ” it’s not too late.” I went through with it; even though I knew it was a mistake.

Rick was a great guy, really, very talented, but could be overbearing, trying to be funny all the time, and he drank too much. I didn’t drink at all. That didn’t go together. Plus, he was on the road, all the time.

When we were married about a year, he was on the road again with Wayne, I was singing at The Escape Lounge on West Flamingo and my sister brought some friends in. I took one look at Bobby Provenzano and I was in deep trouble. I felt what I should have felt for the man  I married. Bobby felt the same way, and I realized that when I was at the Stardust lounge with “Company’s Company”.

I looked out and  there he was. he said “Let’s take a drive”.  we drove to the airport, and watched the planes come in, and decided, that this was something indeed.  Then, we went to the movies, and took drives a lot. Everything we did was quite innocent. Even when he made me dinner at his place, we lay on the floor and cuddled and watched TV.  I told him him when Rick came home, I would file for divorce. He was very serious nothing should happen until I was divorced.

Then, something happened. NOTHING.       I didn’t hear from Bobby, and called my sister. She said, “Are you sitting down?” I said “give it to me “, Bobby’s  car was at the airport, and his dog was in the patio with no food.  Bobby was a pit boss at the  Flamingo. why would he be missing?.

Detective Dave Hansen told me he was in the mob, and must have done something awful. They found his beaten body at Lake Meade a few days later. I was a basket case, I was a mess. I didn’t sleep and I had to tell Rick as soon as he got home.

The  honeymoon and the marriage was over. I went to Bobby’s funeral, saw his 13-year old daughter and ex-wife, so terribly sad.  I moved to Reno, Nevada, and  did “Hello Hollywood Hello “at the MGM. I needed to be away from the memories of Las Vegas and the places I had been with him.  It is something you never get over.

I’m glad the town has changed, because a lot of the places we went to are gone. I cheated on Rick emotionally So, I never was with the man I so loved and cherished.

Rick died in the 90’s under mysterious circumstances in Branson, Missouri .

And Bobby is buried in Brooklyn, New York, where I was born. I visited his grave twice in the 80’s. He is forever young, and a warm memory.

My Husband after Rick, was the  father of our daughter Alexandra,  who is a   R N in Oncology, in Seattle. Greg died in his sleep in 2013. Too young, and both my husbands are gone. 

I have been lucky in love and I grieve for the men I loved and now are gone, Gone , just like that. We missed Greg at our daughters wedding n Nov, and will miss him forever. I Miss all of them.

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  1. Hey Jess-
    What a story! Sorry about your loss though. I remember seeing Rick many times at Wayne’s shows and he was just amazing. Hope to hear you soon as well 🙂
    Take care!

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