A Student Awakening

A Student AwakeningI have a young student who recently came back to me after a 3-year absence. I taught her as a young teen. Her look was Goth. bangs covered her whole face. I didn’t know how she could see, to walk!.

I connect with a very high percentage of students. It is rare when there is nothing there; though it does happen once in a while. I almost always know when a student will probably return for another lesson.  Those instances are rare. This girl, whose name I want to keep anonymous, is unusual. I liked her  and I know she didn’t like a lot of people, but she liked me.

Her mother fell in love, remarried, and they moved across town. Then, her mother said she could not come anymore, because of the distance, and my student didn’t drive yet.  I am of the mind, that a coach, a teacher, is important, and geography is not the most important factor.  But a parent usually does not ‘get that’.  Last month, she came back to study with me, again. She said she had been to a few teachers on the other side of town, and couldn’t stand them. Strong words, but that is how she felt.

When we first worked together, we weren’t certain what direction her voice would take her.  She was into pretty heavy metal, and hard music. Now , when she came back, she had become an aspiring opera singer. Not only is she operatic,  she has a beautiful tone, and is more in tune, with more emotion in her new genre. We recently worked to ready her for an audition at the Performing Arts College, New York.  She said it went very well.

If she gets a letter of acceptance, it’s off to New York, then to Los Angeles to finish her bachelor’s degree, and then back to New York.  I told her I would help find her a good coach in both cities,  “No!”, she said… I’ll Skype with you.” She said, she is comfortable only with me, that she does not want any other coach, ever!

She made that declaration, tonight after her lesson.  I was very moved and wanted to write about her. It has been dramatic to see her morph into a pretty young woman, with hair, swept back, away from her face, and very pretty eyes! Her voice gives me goose bumps.

I look forward to her doing what I believe is in her heart:  Singing in theater. I look forward to that night, on Broadway, when she is Christine in ‘Phantom of the Opera’.  Won’t that be wonderful?  I told her , “I’m proud to be listed on her resume as her vocal coach.” …and I am.

I am fortunate to be enjoying my second act in life. I am singing and coaching.  I am singing less, but enough to be happy. I am proud of the singers I am sending out into the world.  Some are serious contenders. Others will be on a different playing field, but still in the game.

Good luck to living your dream. You can do it, with the right team on your side!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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