Where are they Now? Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Part 1

This post is the first of several parts, chronicling the development of a number of students of Las Vegas Vocal Training. 




A former student, Missy, was a cocktail waitress here, in Las Vegas, at Hooters Hotel and Casino. She studied over two years with me, and  then decided to move to my old stomping grounds, Los Angeles.

She has written her own songs that have received airplay all over Southern California. I am so proud of her. She was a pretty blonde. Now she has very dark hair, and an edgy look.

I always enjoyed working with her, and she is one of many I keep a photo of on my studio wall.


Alex Lowery

Alex is a daughter of a singer friend of mine. When I first met her, I was taken aback by her beauty. She was so shy, it took months to get her to sing for me. I continued to work with her on breathing, and eventually, singing. She is a great dancer; a former cheerleader.

After 5 or 6 months, she connected with a manager, Steve ‘Biscuit’ Walker. Biscuit was a rapper in the 80’s and has extensive credits for working with famous clients such as Justin Timberlake, InSync, among many others.

At Biscuit’s direction, Alex enrolled with choreographer, Missy Cochran for hip-hop classes at Backstage Dance. Missy is well-known for choreographing videos.

Despite extensive vocal coaching, Alex still wasn’t quite comfortable singing alone. She made a friend at dance class who could sing, DeAnne. They became D&A. A clever name I thought. The first original song I was given to coach her on was “Girl in The Window” by Bruno Mars. He was not yet famous, and selling his songs in Los Angeles working with co-writer Brody Brown.

The girls spent nearly every weekend in Los Angeles recording with Brody, and coached by me on weekdays. At night, dancing with Missy.

D & A

D & A

Then, they got an opportunity to perform in the Summer Rock Jam at the Henderson Pavilion, as one of the open acts for headliner. Jesse McCartney.With this project, we went into overdrive. I taught all day, packed up my P.A. system and wireless mics to get over to the rehearsal at Backstage to help the girls dance and breathe at the same time.

Missy had found three great backup dancers for the show. The dancers were poppin’  and the girls were great. It was an exciting time.

The day of the concert came, and they really pulled it off. They were so good. All the songs composed by Brody and Bruno… and were terrific songs. Backstage preparations were documented with on video. In case of a True Hollywood Story in the future, that coverage will be gold!

Next, they were off to show case for Universal Music. It all fell apart on that trip. A songwriter literally coaxed them away, and court proceedings were in the future. This fairytale had an unhappy ending, they had parental problems, as minors, the parents had to sign off on a lot. The two sets of parents seemed to disagree on everything!!

D&A disbanded, and that was sad. I believe DeAnne left for the Philippines (her mother’s home country). Alex, however, went to Los Angeles, weekly, with her mom, Ronnie, rented a room and auditioned for everything possible.  Alex went on to be a dancer on Glee, and an actress in t v and commercials,,

First, she landed a job as an extra on Glee. then  she had  a recurring role on the Disney TV show, Victorius. She has been concentrating on an acting career. but is still a triple threat, for sure! It has exciting to watch Alex mature, and look glamorous and lovely. I keep track on her on social network, and am proud to have been just a part of her dream.




Jim is an opera singer and had been taking lessons for at least three years, for twice a week.

He wanted to sing more contemporary Sinatra-type things. We worked hard and in no time, I got him booked at an Italian wedding at the Bellagio.

The bride wanted an Italian-speaking-singer to surprise her new husband, and Jim was so good and personable, he was invited to stay, eat, and hang out for the rest of the reception.

This led to other gigs around town, and this man in his 60,s was now, living his dream. After his job for the city, he got into a tux and sang! I am most proud of him.

Jessica Marciel
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