Students (Under 18)

The ‘Students section showcases many of my students, with professional aspirations. I have students from 7 to 50+ years old studying with me, simply to fulfill their passion and love for singing.

I have not updated my page in awhile having been busy, But some  new students are Aly, from Hawaii,,,10 yrs old,, Marcie, 11 yrs old, Ariana, from China, a model, and actress, singer.  I have a few dozen under 18, at Hollywood Access Inc, where I am the voice coach for actors. 


Singing is a great outlet for anyone who loves music. You don’t have to be a great singer or have professional aspirations to enjoy it.

Music, emotion, and a little technique = Joy!

That’s the passion I feel for teaching. It brings me Joy!

Just go to the drop down menu (above), and click on any student’s name to find out a little more.



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