Superstar Band for Student Katie Pilkey

When I first heard Katie sing, I thought of Nashville, and Eric Bikales, my friend, pianist/producer/arranger for Neil Sedaka.

Eric moved to the South 7 years ago from Los Angeles where he did quite well. Knowing, and trusting him to get me the best originals from award-winning writers. I sent a video of my new discovery Katie. He responded with a Yes, I could work with her. We fell in love with 4 songs and Eric and Katie decided to write a fifth one themselves. It is one of my favorites!, “Somewhere, Anywhere”.

Katie and I booked six days in July in Nashville, and Eric outdid himself!. The guitarist was possibly the best guitarist in the country. George Marinelli was with Bruce Hornsby and the Range, and for the last few decades, Bonnie Raitt,  I think because Bonnie plays, people do not realize the genius of this musician.

The drummer had worked with me before when I was in Nashville, two years ago, Fred Satterfield, of the Oakridge Boys and Ronnie Laws. Bassist, Steve Mackey is with Dolly Parton, and again, a major talent. Matt Berry rounded out on guitar and was just divine in filling in those places that round out the song. Eric on Keys and B 3, and adding steel guitar, I threw in some back up on one song, and Katie knocked it out of the park. She has no idea of the star power that Eric got her on her first 5-track EP download.

I can”t wait to hear the finished project. I feel so honored to have worked with these guys, I even got to cut a song with them myself, due to Eric’s generosity.

Katie Pilkey and I had the best time seeing Nashville by night, and being in the studio all day. It is possibly the best time I have had in the studio in a long time.

Can’t wait to do it again!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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