Where Are They Now? Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Part 2

Nick Hissom comes to Las Vegas Vocal Training

nick-hissom-tileA European man contacted me to coach a high-profile young model from the United Kingdom.  I was asked to sign a confidentiality contract. I received the PDF, signed it and, a few weeks later, the yet-unidentified student  arrived at my door. A slender young man with a hoodie exited a stretch limo, and instructed the driver to return in three hours.

As a magazine junkie, an avid reader, I recognized this young man was  Steve Wynn‘s stepson, Nick Hissom, a cover model on many magazines. Nick is both sweet and real. He explained he had an opportunity to go on tour, and would soon be in the recording studio.

We started with the basics. I taught him how to relax, and breathe. Nick has a natural ability to sing. After only three lessons he wanted to start writing. We started to write together, not my strongest suit, but I added what I could and we recorded what he wrote.

After a few months, as he would come and go, traveling the world as a socialite and model, we texted and tweeted. He said his mum and step dad wanted to meet me. I met the Wynns for a lovely Japanese dinner.  When everyone was eating Mr. Wynn and I talked music the entire time.

Since then, I have dined with Nick at the Wynn Hotel with he and his friends. We keep in touch, although now he is on tour. Interscope Records signed him and Kenny Ortega directed his tour. The show has lots of dancers and the soles of his shoes light up a round perimeter surrounding  him. He too, is living his dream. If you get a chance to see him perform,  Nick Hissom is his name, and he sometimes goes by Nick Robertson.

Katie Pilkey: From Las Vegas to Nashville

Katie Pilkey

Katie Pilkey

Katie is a photographer who started vocal lessons, and I heard something right away. I called my Nashville connection, Eric Bikales, Neil Sedaka‘s Musical Director. He sent us many songs to work with. Katie choose five songs and we packed up and headed for Music City, USA!

We had, thanks to Eric  the best musicians, George Maranili, the guitarist for Bonnie Raitt, and a members of  Dolly Parton‘s band. It was magical!  Katie and I went out to clubs and piano bars, at night. This was during the time the Casey Anthony trial was going on, so I vividly remember being in my hotel room, when the verdict came in. I will always remember that about this trip.

When we returned to Las Vegas, Katie auditioned for a country band, and got hired, stopped lessons!! And stopped doing anything with these fabulous records she made!! They sit, and it is a shame no one has heard them… yet?? Who knows?

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

American Idol: Who Should Be Da Judge?

Ellen DeGeneres is gone, i understand, having two shows must be gruelling. Also, she was too nice to want to hurt anyone”s feelings.

Why American Idol has let Kara DioGuardi go is a mystery? Perhaps she wanted Simon Cowell’s paycheck. We are left with on Randy Jackson. One is a lonely number indeed. Should it be Howard Stern? Were they pulling our leg?  They postponed the big press conference so we are left in the dark. All I know is, one of my best students auditioned and she is breath taking and sings well and she didn’t get through.

They do that all the time. I know many people who are truly good almost great singers that have not made the cut. Guess the pants down guy was more important than real talent. I predict X Factor is going to wipe the stage away from Idol.  They lost what they were about. Finding true talent.  They want a sob story and a clown to tell it.

if they were smart, the new American Idol judges should be someone IN the music industry. Not an actor, spokesmodel, or dancer who lip-synced her way through life.  Not an easy task, but not impossible. I think  they underestimate our intelligence. Michael tyler, a contender, is not really a singer. Give us, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Cyndi Lauper, I think Whitney needs a job!

I don’t know about you, but last year was painful and not fun to watch. the summer tour was NOT the economy. People find the money to see concerts. Music is a priority in an economic meltdown. it lifts the spirits. people didn’t go because it was weak.

For the sake of millions of wannabe’s out there who need a venue to get ahead, i hope idol gets it together and gets us back on track to love it again. I for one, will be blogging X Factor and probably have a lot to say about each week, having peeked at the UK version. So, Idol producers, You are the ones who should go, bring back Kara and get Lyle lovitt, and let’s get this party started!

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