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vocal-tips-you-tubeYouTube is one of my favorite websites to hear other vocal coaches and singers. I love to discover people I never would know of any other way.  I will never forget  hearing the singer Sam Tsui…,or Tori Kelly on YouTube.

Wow, I became a big fan, and purchased many of his cover songs on iTunes. I also like coach Kevin Richards, Rock The Stage NYC.   I love that he and I use many of the same exercises, and  I love that he thinks the same way I do. We both subscribe to each other’s YouTube channels.

After seeing a variety of free lesson tips on the channel, some good, some not so good, , I decided let people see what I do, and if they want to, they can do lessons on Skype with me, from anywhere… or at least know the option is there. People may live in a city that is void of good coaches, or perhaps ones that are too expensive.

Dollar SignI believe vocal training affordable for both professionals and aspiring professionals. Simply because a coach is not expensive may not mean they don’t have solid skills. I have priced my lessons within a reasonable budget, so good singers can get better and not go broke in doing so.

The first two video clips of vocal tips I’ve posted to You Tube are breathing routines that are obscure and may be new to some people.  I have traded tips with singer-friends and other coaches. And over years of teaching, I’ve developed my own approach to analyzing and implementing techniques that work with each singer, based on their individual strengths and areas, needing improvement.

It still surprises me, when a singer comes to me, and says something like..,

“You are the fifth coach I’ve had, and none of them ever did any breathing exercises with me.”

I can’t imagine having anyone sing until they know HOW to breathe.   I wish I had studied voice when I was young. I was fortunate to sing, correctly, naturally. I didn’t begin to study the science of singing and technique until I prepared to become a coach and stop singing for a living, quite so much. I am also sad that I did not a have good coach to teach me innovative techniques, and breathing,,, I could have been better.    I am into showing you HOW your voice works, HOW to protect your voice, and HOW to speak properly, so you won’t have vocal problems. I am proud to say, in my LONG career, I never had vocal problems.    I have been very thirsty for new knowledge, and I am studying with a speech therapist, vocal therapist, the amazing, Erik Landry.   I am excited to share my knowledge with you.

Jessica & Engelbert

Jessica & Engelbert

What I found, is that my voice improved, and not working anymore became a benefit.  My chest voice is higher now because of what I do and my head voice is stronger. I needed that strong head voice when I sang backup for Engelbert Humperdinck,

I sang Soprano with Engelbert, and his range was such, that it collided with my weak middle range. Not high enough to be good, too low, so it hit my middle C and D. A disaster, because my voice cracked while performing in the MGM showroom in front of an audience of paying customers. That wouldn’t happen today.  I must admit, I have deleted some videos that became outdated,, and I will do new very soon…..

I hope you will tune into my YouTube channel, and enjoy some of my videos, my students and some tutorials….

I love what I do, and I hope you will enjoy the new series of brief but fun exercises!

See you on the Tube!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training



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