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vocal-tips-you-tubeYouTube is one of my favorite sites to hear other vocal coaches and singers. I love to discover people I never would know of any other way.  I will never forget  hearing the singer Sam Tsui…,or Tori Kelly on YouTube.

Wow, I became a big fan, and purchased many of his cover songs on iTunes.

I also like coach Kevin Richards, Rock The Stage NYC.   I love that he and I use many of the same exercises, and  I love that he thinks the same way I do. We both subscribe to each other’s YouTube channels.

After seeing a variety of free lesson tips on the channel, some good, some not so good, , I decided let people see what I do, and if they want to, they can do lessons on Skype with me, from anywhere… or at least know the option is there. People may live in a city that is void of good coaches, or perhaps ones that are too expensive.

Dollar SignI believe vocal training affordable for both professionals and aspiring professionals. Simply because a coach is not expensive may not mean they don’t have solid skills. I have priced my lessons within a reasonable budget, so good singers can get better and not go broke in doing so.

I haven’t posted as many You Tube videos as I planned to, I have so many private videos I do for my students.

The first two video clips of vocal tips I’ve posted to You Tube are breathing routines that are obscure and may be new to some people.  I have taken the best techniques I know, . And over years of teaching, I’ve developed my own approach to detect exactly what a person needs to do to fix what is weak.

It still surprises me, when a singer comes to me, and says something like..,

“You are the fifth coach I’ve had, and none of them ever did any breathing exercises with me.”

I can’t imagine having anyone sing until they know HOW to breathe.   I wish I had studied voice when I was young. I was fortunate to sing, correctly, naturally. I didn’t begin to study the science of singing and technique until I prepared to become a coach and stop singing for a living, quite so much. I am also sad that I did not a have good coach to teach me innovative techniques, and breathing,,, I could have been better.    I am into showing you HOW your voice works, HOW to protect your voice, and HOW to speak properly, so you won’t have vocal problems. I am proud to say, in my LONG career, I never had vocal problems.    I have been very thirsty for new knowledge, and I am studying with a speech therapist, vocal therapist, the amazing, Erik Landry.   I am excited to share my knowledge with you.

Jessica & Engelbert

Jessica & Engelbert

What I found, is that my voice improved, and not working anymore became a benefit.  My chest voice is higher now because of what I do and my head voice is stronger. I needed that strong head voice when I sang backup for Engelbert Humperdinck,

I sang Soprano with Engelbert, and his range was such, that it collided with my weak middle range. Not high enough to be good, too low, so it hit my middle C and D. A disaster, because my voice cracked while performing in the MGM showroom in front of an audience of paying customers. That wouldn’t happen today.  Now I sing in my mask, my mix voice and would never crack a note!.

I hope you will tune into my Instagram and YouTube  and enjoy some of my videos, my students and some tutorials….

I love what I do, and I hope you will enjoy the new series of brief but fun exercises!

See you on the Tube!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training



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