Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall of Fame: Induction and Concert

When Michael Selinsky wrote me via Facebook, about being inducted into the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I was very excited. Not only would I see  my band-mates again, but we would play, together again, on stage.

You see, when I was a teen, I didn’t date, and take time to go to the movies. I rehearsed and played gigs every weekend and summers in Lake Tahoe with college boys. I grew up very fast and loved it.

First I started as a solo artist as Jessie Paul, a stage name Capitol records gave me. Then I moved to Las Vegas from Southern California. Dennis Hunt was the DJ at KENO Radio, and he played my songs. Then some local Valley high bands started hiring me. First was The Little People, where I met my first love, Michael Friedman. Mike’s dad was co-owner of one The Desert Inn Hotel. He lived on the golf course on the grounds of the property. He was really raised by the nanny, so we had the run of the place. Michael died in the 90’s and we had  re connected at that time.

Steve Miller, Jessica Marciel, Dennis Hunt

Steve Miller, Jessica Marciel, Dennis Hunt

The Little People morphed into The London Fog, and it was a really good band, but I was known as the Grace Slick of Vegas. Then,” Free Circus”, asked me to join them. Roby Bennett, the guitar/singer, wrote all the songs! Wow, originals! That’s what I was looking for. We did a Janis Joplin song once in awhile but mostly we had our own vibe.

All inducted: The Little People, Glen Cooper, Mike Friedman, Steve Harvey, Howard Salstein

Mike Lyman and me.  London Fog: Mike Friedman, Bob Lily, Mark Leonard, Me, then Georganne Rock,

Free Circus in Concert 5/1/11

Free Circus in Concert 5/1/11

Free Circus: Danny Barnett, Roby Bennett, Bob Bjornsen, Larry Gann, and me.

As Free Circus, we opened for: Cream, Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night, Santana, Sweetwater, Grateful Dead, Iron Butterfly, Electric Prunes, and many more.

The first fame meeting we found out the name, “Rock and Roll Hall  of Fame” couldn’t be used, due to copyright infringement. So they settled on Rock Reunion Hall Of Fame.

The first meeting at Linda Freeman’s home. What a great reunion, and she had so much food,  it was quite amazing! We had the meeting finally after stuffing our faces. We realized how difficult this was going to be!

The venue, staffing, public relations, rehearsing, the line up, who would be where, who would be nominated. Who would sponsor, how long would this take? The first thing we decided was that people like ME, who were a nominee, should not be at the meetings, because I can’t nominate myself! So that was the last meeting  I attended.

Kickin it with Free Circus at the Meet & Greet

Kickin it with Free Circus at the Meet & Greet

I got in touch with Roby, and Dan. Bob passed away, in the 90’s, from cancer. I told the guys I had a drummer, Conrad, and Roby said his brother, James, could play bass, because we could not find Larry Gann.

Roby just wanted to do originals, that was fine, I kind of wanted to do ONE Cold Blood or Joplin song, I just wanted to wail a bit and let people know I could still sing. The excitement of being with guys again, outweighed everything. When Roby got to town, we met and I swear we were giddy!

I was so happy to just be in Roby’s presence. We drove to the venue to see it: The Henderson Pavilion. I had been there to work an event. My students opened for Jesse Mc Cartney at the place and I had been in and out of the loading dock all day!

After seeing the venue, we went to look for some doggie flea meds for Roby’s brothers dog. So I took him to the District, then time to go home.  Finally, Danny and Conrad, and James were in my studio and wham!, We were back! It fell together fast, I think we only had three rehearsals and one vocal rehearsal.

Seeing everyone at the Meet and Greet at the Four Queens Hotel was a trip. I saw Dennis Hunt… and Stan Irwin, who brought the Beatles to Vegas, I also saw  Keith Austin, Steve Miller, Mike Tell, the promoters who had hired us back-in-the-day.

The bands were there, Sidro’s Armada, Beverlee Brown, Jerry Lopez & Santa Fe, The Teenbeats, Pork and Beans, Bill Rosevear, who started it all with Scatter Blues. Who’s the Father, members of Wolfticket, Batdorf and Rodney, Sailon (who became prominent after I moved to Los Angeles)

Free Circus: Wonderworld Concert

Free Circus: Wonderworld Concert

The hosts  were:

  • Lanny Irwin (I knew from High school, took lessons from daddy, and I crushed on.)
  • Lark Williams
  • Freddie Woods
  • Dennis Hunt

The day of the concert sped by, Right before we went on, Roby and I started dancing backstage to the break music, I had no idea anyone was clicking away but it’s all on film. What fun we had, we got all winded right before going on, brilliant, but it was worth it. Danny’s Rheem organ needed repair and the guy got there 30 minutes before we went on! Talk about a close call.

After we performed, it was time to go to the Interview Room. We talked about the band for half an hour, I found out how Roby named the band! It was great, can’t wait to see it.

We played four songs, saved the rocker for last, we rocked it that day and the video, thanks to my student Joey Miceli is on my YouTube channel.  Leaving was bittersweet, we went to Ricardos to eat, and James grabbed the check.  We all said goodbye in the parking lot. I looked back at Dan, then Roby one last time, knowing, that because of this concert and recognition, we will never lose our friendship, ever again. We will always be “Free Circus” dancing backstage freestyle hippies who love each other.

I floated, off the ground, for weeks after the concert. It’s a rare feeling, and one I won’t soon forget.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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