Long-Term Singing Success Requires Smart Short-Term Priorities

Never confuse talent with the applause of intoxicated people at a Karaoke bar It takes guidance, practice, determination, and dedication to really develop natural talent.

I have great singers who come every week, after long days and hard jobs. They know the more they learn, the better they will become. I have single mothers who have scraped for money to fund lessons for a child’s aspirations because they knew it was important.

And other students are now recording, and ready to be signed by a label. They still come every week or twice-weekly because they know they need to build stamina and refine their technique. If they make it to the next level, success at performances and concerts won’t just happen automatically. It will need continual coaching an ongoing honest evaluation

A Mother Is Not A Coach

west-side-story-coverOne mother insisted her daughter learn a difficult song from West Side Storyfor an audition. The girl could not even grasp the concept of the lyric or the degree of difficulty of the music.

I firmly recommended another song be chosen. The mother insisted; we parted ways.

A vocal coach needs to be included in the choice of an audition song. It is that ability, among others, you are paying for.

Singing Lessons Aren’t A Trip To Disneyland

If you have a large family, and the younger ones have to wait a year for their turn, in order for you to supply the gifted one with every tool possible, you must set the priorities to give the older child the proper training, or it will wither from neglect.

There is rarely measurable improvement, when a student takes lessons every other month or every two weeks. It takes study as if one  were learning an instrument. No piano or guitar teacher would take someone twice a month, because there would likely be no real progress.

time of day mattersTime of day matters

Bring a child to an 8pm lesson and they are certain to be tired,..exhausted. How can they absorb and retain the lesson content? Saturday? That’s usually play-day, and it’s difficult to focus on lessons. Well, if Saturday is play-day, parents may be sending mixed-signals to their aspiring child. If weekdays ARE the only time, then make sure the child naps and does not eat before a lesson. It’s important to be alert.

My Saturdays, growing up, were, jazz, tap, and ballet. My entire childhood was lessons. I could play on Sunday, ride my bike, go to the park.

Lesson Frequency and Persistent Practice Matter

If a student has any true professional aspirations, a good teacher, won’t be comfortable with being seen, twice a month (except in rare situations).  The really good coach is hard to find. I know, because I have students who have been to many before me, and moved on from frustration.

That type of teacher doesn’t offer the foundation skill and nurturing a student needs to progress. One can vocalize at home, but you cannot be your own coach or director. It requires a neutral observer and coach to move you along, point out poor phrasing and breathing mistakes. Read my post on “What you should expect from a vocal coach.”

No YouTube is better than Bad YouTube

I have coached some singers who take a couple of lessons, disappear, then post YouTube videos, and tout me as their coach.

I discourage anyone from posting YouTube videos, unless they are original, studio recorded songs.

I would like these people to take my name off the videos, but I can only ask. I can’t compel them.

Occasionally I get it wrong. I have taken on a few students twice a month and should not have. They did not get the progress my other students got.

I no longer accept hobbyist singers as students

If singing is a hobby, I will not take on that person as a student. If one is serious (as an adult or parent, for a child)  you will find a way… cut out a dinner out, whatever it takes, taking voice is a serious pursuit, and potentially life-changing experience.

Taking the stage on Karaoke night is fool’s gold. The applause of friends, family, and patrons is temporarily good for the ego. Don’t confuse that with reality.

A person with sincere aspirations and drive needs quality coaching and the truth about what it takes.

Aspiring students are always welcome. Reality checks occasionally given… This post would be a reality check 🙂

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Maintaining Your Vocal Health

A White Paper by Jessica Marciel – Las Vegas Vocal Training

Microphone open arms fire on a black background

Microphone open arms fire on a black background

Author’s Note: This essay is on maintaining vocal health is combines music industry and medical information, as well as personal experience and first-hand observation. There are many resources linked from this document, to give further information on particular items.

Please use this White Paper as a starting point for understanding your voice and what can affect it, positively or negatively. As cited in this essay, should you experience extended hoarseness (more than a couple of days) or pain, when you sing, it’s best practice to consult and Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor. My Dr. is Dr. Salinas here in Las Vegas at the ENT Clinic, and my Speech Therapist is Erik Landry who works with Dr. Salinas with artists like Steven Tyler, Imagine Dragons, and Celine Dion.

Many singers, such as the late Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Adele, Shania Twain, Keith Urban, John Mayer and others have had vocal health issues. All either had surgery or vocal rest plus anti-inflammatory medication, or both.

I felt an urgency to write about some of the important facts and issues surrounding the care of your voice.

Rule #1: If it hurts when you sing, STOP.

Common medical issues such as acid reflux can damage your vocal cords. When acid and mucus comes up, it burns your throat. Sleep deprivation, allergies or incorrect vocal technique can do permanent damage. Stress can leave you with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, a serious condition. This requires therapy, for damage can be long term. Air flow is so important. The vocal cords are thin muscles that need air flow to work in harmony with the vocal folds and their air flow. The entire larynx will shut down from tension.  The Motor boat, or Trill, Bubble exercises, are extremely important. I did not know this until I studied.


Increasing Pitch forces the tension ,the thoracic and abdominal muscles , then they  require more pressure. This puts a strain on your body. You don’t want the Folds to assume the load.  The vocal folds are little pockets of air, but you need to control how much air you are filling them with. It can lead to serious damage.  If the air in the folds get too wide, you become raspy. . Caffeine, soda, and smoking, pull the moisture out of your folds , leaving you with dryness and makes you feel like you cannot sing. You probably cannot, and should, not sing! 

Vocal Cord - Folds

Vocal Cord – Folds

Vocal cords can be damaged just from dryness. Air conditioning, furnaces, or low-humidity climates (such as Las Vegas) are potentially risky.  I do not use my heater in Winter, or the A C in summer,,, I Know  I Know,,,I use some fans and just get through it……

Recycled air in airplanes is also a problematic environment. Dermatologists (skin doctors) recommend moisturizing and drinking water when you fly. Performers who fly often should drink plenty of water during the entire flight.

Some treatments and cautions for dry throat are:

• Half-teaspoon salt. half-teaspoon baking soda, half teaspoon of clear corn syrup, and warm water, and gargle. I LOVE apple cider vinegar,Honey and hot water.
• Honey, lemon, and warm water, sip throughout day. Zinc lozenges, Mucinex and limited speaking.
• Throat coat tea, no caffeine, Biotenemouthwash, (I use it every day) and Entertainment Secret Throat Spray.
• Birth control pills may cause virilization of the female larynx, try to use alternate birth control.
• Avoid clearing your throat or coughing. Please ask me a safe way to clear your throat.
• Whispering is bad, too. Just speak softly.
• Use humidifiers throughout your house and bedroom, specifically. Use cold air humidifiers; NOT warm or hot air.

A New Nasal Emollient is  PONARIS,,, at CVS   Nasa uses it for Space!!!!

Another great gargle is Apple Cider Vinegar , warm water and honey, and gargle or just sip every morning. This is also a great cleanse I have used since I was 18.

If you have an infection, a sore throat, try 15 drops of Iodine, salt, and warm water, and gargle until gone. Repeat throughout the day and night. If you cannot tolerate the iodine, then substitute Hydrogen Peroxide for it, and make sure you do not swallow it. It will kill the germs.

VCD aka VOCAL CORD DYSFUNCTION was not even discovered or named until 1951. That is when a definitive study was conducted.

An ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) can order appropriate tests for you. You should get to know your ENT, well. That includes having their cell phone number, in case you have an urgent need.

For example, getting a quick Prednisone injection before a gig can restore your voice, quickly. You cannot do that often because Prednisone is a steroid and is not recommended for extended or continuous use. It is not unusual for working singers to have a half-dozen Prednisone pills, on hand for emergencies. A shot will work more quickly.

If you are hoarse for more than a week, see your ENT. Being hoarse for more than a couple of days can be a symptom of broken blood vessels. Vocal cord paralysis can occur when the nerve impulses to your larynx (voice box) are interrupted. It can even affect your ability to speak.

DO NOT cancel an apt with me because you have allergies!  Check Weather.com and find out the forecast for pollen, and have some medication around!  I have never called in sick to sing,,, YOU CAN sing over anything.  Please take care of your instrument!

Bleeding (such as in Adele’s condition) is caused by microscopic blood vessels in the cord in a jelly like layer, under folds when it is not absorbed. It can form a polyp and cause scarring.



About Shania Twain

The public was told Shania Twains loss of voice was due to the trauma of her cheating husband (also her partner-producer).

However, she also moved away to have a child and took a few years off from performing. It would not be unlikely if the combination of both non-use of her voice, as well as the other trauma, led to her voice problems  I believe she has Muscle Tension Dysphonia …. A series of vocal flow phonation  , and vocal health probably helped her come back,

Our voices are not infinite. We need to work at keeping them in shape by warming up, and working them out.

Tension can also prevent you from reaching your potential. Relax, stretch, warm up, be informed and apply your vocal knowledge.

We are human, not stainless steel. Take care of your voice. It is your instrument.

Download this entire article (in PDF). Feel free to share it.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training





My Favorite Singer: Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield

I never thought I would answer this question. There are so many great singers and all different.

I was watching a cable film with James Caan and Sally Field, “Kiss Me Goodbye”, and at the credits, there she was, I recognized her right away, Dusty Springfield, a song written by the late Peter Allen.

We lost Dusty to cancer way too soon, just so unfair. I searched YouTube and watched her with Tom Jones, Andy Williams, a lot of great singers. She had that velvety, smokey, yet soulful, cream cheese sound. She could be breathy and take your breath away., Her interpretation of a lyric was heartfelt.When she sang Randy Newman‘s, “Think it’s gonna Rain Today” you knew she really got it. When she sang, tin can at my feet, think I”ll kick it down the street, you knew she really got the way to express the cynical lyrics.

Dusty was a British, soulful, young gay beautiful blonde. In the 60,s we didn’t see that a lot. Everyone white was “White”, she sang with Tom Jones and it was magical.

She lives on, in films, like “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, where they all break into her songs through the film.

So, after thinking about, Eva Cassidy, Whitney, Barbra, Celine, I just keep going back to Dusty. She was the one, when I hear her sing, I go to another place. A serene, beautiful place. I hope she is at peace, and I hope she knew before she died, the legacy she would leave.

Sleep well beautiful girl.

Love , Peace and Soul

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Singing isn’t warming up!!!!

chloraseptic-300x300Students constantly tell me

“I am warmed up, I sang on the way over.”

No! Singing in or out of the car is not warming up. Would you run a marathon, and at the end, stop and then stretch? There is a reason it is called warming up. Your muscles are cold when not used. If you don’t want to injure yourself, you need to warm up slowly and then hum into singing.  Sip warm water with honey and apple cider vinegar,,,, I know. use Just a pinch!!!!

You can simply stretch your body, warm up your neck, shoulders,, massage your face, and run your hands over your thyroid and throat gently.    That gets you going and releases lactic acid,  or, saliva in your mouth!

A wonderful easy warm up, that does not need a CD or piano, is the motor or bubble lips. It is like blowing a feather lightly and then humming on a note, or pitch, and go into more notes. You can do this on two notes just as easily as a scale.

Another is to hum on pitch, just hum and make up a melody and hum. Then place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and hum, that is the NG hum. It warms you up faster.

If you start singing cold, it might be fine, but it will take you longer to feel comfortable in your higher range. If you warm up, you can do your most difficult songs with ease any time you want with confidence.

Please take this advice, it will save your voice and make you a better , stronger singer.  Yawn,,,, Keep Yawning,, make a sound, while you yawn.   That is warming up!

Love and Soul,

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training


The Value of a Great Vocal Coach

When I was a child, I had already been singing since I could speak. My mother had been a professional singer and dad a drummer. They decided not to get me a coach, they didn’t feel I needed it.

“Now, being a coach, I realize, I would have been a better singer than I am if I had a good coach.”

~ Jessica Marciel

It is better to have no coach than a bad one. I have had many students come to me after four or five vocal coaches, and I hear the same thing. “They never taught me how to breathe.”

We all know how to breathe, we do it all day long. The difference in singing is the need for more air than you need, just to speak, and understanding when to breathe, within the context of the lyrics. I have students who will struggle with a high note. I say, bend down over and make an L-shape and sing to the floor. The note comes out easily. When you do breathing exercises it helps you hold and control notes.

Again, when my students go in the studio, my producer Tom Marolda insists I be there, because he is unable to work the engineer board, and explain what he needs from the singer. A phrase like “How Does it Feel” becomes fell, as we soften the ‘E’. The emotion has to come through. A singer isn’t seen on a CD so one must make the listener feel what the vocalist is feeling.

The texture and colors of a song are important. You cannot sing a song the same way all through it, or it becomes monotone. My student, Marine Goujon, is recording an album project, and we are concentrating on her dynamics, because this is an important project. I wanted her to almost whisper a part and then bam, when the band comes back in, it explodes and really is quite effective.

Tom wanted her voice to sound a little raspy. This is not the way she sings , so I took an hour with her and wore her out. I put her through the hardest exercises I could think of, and trashed her voice. Tom came back in and we proceeded with the song and it was more funky and a little more sexy, with a few words that had a rasp.
This isn’t something I suggest be done often, because it is hard on the vocal chords. Afterwards, we gave her warm water and honey and I had her hum gently, which soothes the throat.

Another student, Dayna, just recorded a fantastic song for an up coming film. We had to make sure she had the right timber in her voice, the right tone. Tom believes a lot of people make mistakes not including coaches during recording sessions. Vocal coaches can explain things that producers and writers can’t.

A good coach is hard to find. I will be the first to say, I was not that good, I was just learning to be able to explain how to get the voice moving and the right way to warm up. I know that Brett Manning helped me a lot. He has a great method that works for pop, R&B and country, blues, rock, metal, you name it. I have my own methods that adds some emotional connection to the music. I can help by telling a singer, where to take a breath, where to sing softly, where to punch it, etc.

Our throats are our instruments, we have no piano case, no guitar case, nothing!, we need to be, well, Diva’s! Only because to protect our throats, we need rest, water, warm up’, and special attention to our health.

I believe if you find a coach you can connect to, one that will really help you find your voice, you are lucky. It is nearly impossible to get signed now by a label. With so many independent labels and producers making you pay for your own albums before they will shop you.

There is no point in spending a lot of money unless you have the right material, producer, and connections to shop the product. It is a different time than when I recorded. They paid for everything. Now, you make your own album and then if you are lucky, you can get someone to shop you to labels. They wont listen to anything unsolicited. So, don’t waste your money unless you think YouTube will help you get discovered. It does happen, but not very often.

When and if you decide on a coach, make sure every moment of your money is well spent. I mean, they really work you, like a personal trainer would. I also believe in homework. Get a CD to take home and practice with, everyday. You don’t use your voice, you lose it.

Good luck, and hopefully this information helped

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training


How To Avoid Hitting The Wall, Before Your Career Takes Hold

This Business of “Show” is very difficult. I know, remember. I was dropped by a label at age 14. I didn’t give up. It was not the end of the world. I spent my entire life singing. You may not have bought my records, but I was out there, entertaining and dancing for all the people who were there to be entertained.

A couple of years ago, I had some students who were right there at the doorstep of being signed by a major label. They had the right manager with connections and some of the best writers… two of whom are now very famous and have gone out on their own as performers. They had videos and me as a coach, and stylists. What went wrong? At that crucial moment they were to do a showcase, they decided that the direction the of the songs, were, well, not the way they wanted to go! What?? When did they decide this?

After a YEAR of recording, pictures, videos, choreography, and going to Los Angeles for a showcase, suddenly, they were not happy with the material? One must realize, that to even have a realistic shot in the recording industry, today, you have to know someone.

Where are these artists now? In a lawsuit with the former manager, waiting for their day in court, hopefully, to be set free to do their own thing. Whatever that will be. Meanwhile the years are going by and their youth is going by.

Then, you must have the material, already produced. It is essential to look great AND young, and be molded and controlled by a record label. Case in point: Kelly Clarkson won American Idol and had to do that stupid movie with Justin-whoever-he-was, and then she hated her music. She had become a big star, but clashed with Clive Davis and went on to produce her next CD without him. It tanked… big time.

Young, new singers, need to listen to the big boys. They know what it takes. If you think you know it all, you have another thing coming.

If you really are a serious artist, you need to be a serious contender. You have to be ready for rejection, and failure. You need a backup plan. Sheryl Crow was a backup singer for Michael Jackson. She first played the really decrepit Huntridge Theater the first time her band was in Vegas. It took time, and the right song before her dream came true.

Have a dream, but have a plan, but listen to those who have been in the business before you, and trust them. Believe me, you cannot do it on your own!

Good Luck

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall of Fame: Induction and Concert

When Michael Selinsky wrote me via Facebook, about being inducted into the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I was very excited. Not only would I see  my band-mates again, but we would play, together again, on stage.

You see, when I was a teen, I didn’t date, and take time to go to the movies. I rehearsed and played gigs every weekend and summers in Lake Tahoe with college boys. I grew up very fast and loved it.

First I started as a solo artist as Jessie Paul, a stage name Capitol records gave me. Then I moved to Las Vegas from Southern California. Dennis Hunt was the DJ at KENO Radio, and he played my songs. Then some local Valley high bands started hiring me. First was The Little People, where I met my first love, Michael Friedman. Mike’s dad was co-owner of one The Desert Inn Hotel. He lived on the golf course on the grounds of the property. He was really raised by the nanny, so we had the run of the place. Michael died in the 90’s and we had  re connected at that time.

Steve Miller, Jessica Marciel, Dennis Hunt

Steve Miller, Jessica Marciel, Dennis Hunt

The Little People morphed into The London Fog, and it was a really good band, but I was known as the Grace Slick of Vegas. Then,” Free Circus”, asked me to join them. Roby Bennett, the guitar/singer, wrote all the songs! Wow, originals! That’s what I was looking for. We did a Janis Joplin song once in awhile but mostly we had our own vibe.

All inducted: The Little People, Glen Cooper, Mike Friedman, Steve Harvey, Howard Salstein

Mike Lyman and me.  London Fog: Mike Friedman, Bob Lily, Mark Leonard, Me, then Georganne Rock,

Free Circus in Concert 5/1/11

Free Circus in Concert 5/1/11

Free Circus: Danny Barnett, Roby Bennett, Bob Bjornsen, Larry Gann, and me.

As Free Circus, we opened for: Cream, Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night, Santana, Sweetwater, Grateful Dead, Iron Butterfly, Electric Prunes, and many more.

The first fame meeting we found out the name, “Rock and Roll Hall  of Fame” couldn’t be used, due to copyright infringement. So they settled on Rock Reunion Hall Of Fame.

The first meeting at Linda Freeman’s home. What a great reunion, and she had so much food,  it was quite amazing! We had the meeting finally after stuffing our faces. We realized how difficult this was going to be!

The venue, staffing, public relations, rehearsing, the line up, who would be where, who would be nominated. Who would sponsor, how long would this take? The first thing we decided was that people like ME, who were a nominee, should not be at the meetings, because I can’t nominate myself! So that was the last meeting  I attended.

Kickin it with Free Circus at the Meet & Greet

Kickin it with Free Circus at the Meet & Greet

I got in touch with Roby, and Dan. Bob passed away, in the 90’s, from cancer. I told the guys I had a drummer, Conrad, and Roby said his brother, James, could play bass, because we could not find Larry Gann.

Roby just wanted to do originals, that was fine, I kind of wanted to do ONE Cold Blood or Joplin song, I just wanted to wail a bit and let people know I could still sing. The excitement of being with guys again, outweighed everything. When Roby got to town, we met and I swear we were giddy!

I was so happy to just be in Roby’s presence. We drove to the venue to see it: The Henderson Pavilion. I had been there to work an event. My students opened for Jesse Mc Cartney at the place and I had been in and out of the loading dock all day!

After seeing the venue, we went to look for some doggie flea meds for Roby’s brothers dog. So I took him to the District, then time to go home.  Finally, Danny and Conrad, and James were in my studio and wham!, We were back! It fell together fast, I think we only had three rehearsals and one vocal rehearsal.

Seeing everyone at the Meet and Greet at the Four Queens Hotel was a trip. I saw Dennis Hunt… and Stan Irwin, who brought the Beatles to Vegas, I also saw  Keith Austin, Steve Miller, Mike Tell, the promoters who had hired us back-in-the-day.

The bands were there, Sidro’s Armada, Beverlee Brown, Jerry Lopez & Santa Fe, The Teenbeats, Pork and Beans, Bill Rosevear, who started it all with Scatter Blues. Who’s the Father, members of Wolfticket, Batdorf and Rodney, Sailon (who became prominent after I moved to Los Angeles)

Free Circus: Wonderworld Concert

Free Circus: Wonderworld Concert

The hosts  were:

  • Lanny Irwin (I knew from High school, took lessons from daddy, and I crushed on.)
  • Lark Williams
  • Freddie Woods
  • Dennis Hunt

The day of the concert sped by, Right before we went on, Roby and I started dancing backstage to the break music, I had no idea anyone was clicking away but it’s all on film. What fun we had, we got all winded right before going on, brilliant, but it was worth it. Danny’s Rheem organ needed repair and the guy got there 30 minutes before we went on! Talk about a close call.

After we performed, it was time to go to the Interview Room. We talked about the band for half an hour, I found out how Roby named the band! It was great, can’t wait to see it.

We played four songs, saved the rocker for last, we rocked it that day and the video, thanks to my student Joey Miceli is on my YouTube channel.  Leaving was bittersweet, we went to Ricardos to eat, and James grabbed the check.  We all said goodbye in the parking lot. I looked back at Dan, then Roby one last time, knowing, that because of this concert and recognition, we will never lose our friendship, ever again. We will always be “Free Circus” dancing backstage freestyle hippies who love each other.

I floated, off the ground, for weeks after the concert. It’s a rare feeling, and one I won’t soon forget.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Singing Is Success

Lou White

Many of my students have now started on their journey to a life of song. My first one is Alex Lowery, who was with me three years. She is now an extra in the TV show Glee, she is also working with her partner Deanne, in the studio constantly.

My lovely student Marene Thuet , aka (LOU WHITE – pictured) from Paris, France, has headed back to Paris today, to prepare for her May 26th concert. The concert will be not a CD release party, yet, but “Introducing Lou White” In Francis,she is being compared to Joss Stone. She is soulful, funky, deep, wrote all her own songs, and I could not be more proud than the work we have done together. I cannot wait for her to break through here in America.  Wait til you hear this girl!

My student Dayna, is a writer and singer, making her way to L A to work with the best and biggest in the business. Dayna has an interesting background. She sang in choir, in Michigan, and when she found me, I told her she has an unusual sound, like no one else, and she should go for it.  She is doing great, and has knocked out songs with Brody Brown, of Bruno Mars fame. Brody and Bruno are a songwriters team, and dream, they wrote all 7 songs for Alex, and Dayna co-wrote all hers with them.

Katie Pilkey, is going to Nashville in July to record great songs with Producer Eric Bikales, a 5 EP digital download.  Katie has a big future in Nashville, and beyond.

My Student Amber, has formed a group called ” A Rejected Romance”, it is wonderful, they should be out there working soon. My Rocker student

Genevieve Gomez, has just been signed by DJ Green Hornet, sometimes known as Green Hornet. She leaves Tuesday for Los Angeles and it is a done deal. The lawyers have looked at the contract and it  is a go!   DJ Green Hornet is a big name in Rap and R&B music. Good Luck Gen!

Nicole Hamilton just texted me. She has been hired to be in the show “Vegas”, and will resume lessons when she has her rehearsal plans. Good Luck Nicole!

My younger students, they are rockin it as well, Marissa McCoy is singing the lead in “Hairspray”, Saturday night, I will be there. Joey Miceli has the lead in the “Rainbow Company”, and I will be there to see that. It  is called How I Became a Pirate”

http://www.rainbowcompany.org June  3rd,  4th,  9th, and 10th  at 7pm;  June 5th ,11th, & 12th at  2pm Charleston Heights Arts Center

Tiffannee LeMay, just recorded her first video, and sang for Mayor Goodman. Jessica Mussio sings everywhere, and always gets good reviews. She also made it through the first round of X Factor.

I have some younger ones who have great voices, I have a great original song from Hawaii, and plan to do a group-video with that song, and post it on my YouTube channel.

To me, Success is not being simply on the charts It is singing, or performing and getting paid. I have worked my entire life, but I have no Grammy, or Oscar.  I have done what I wanted to do, No one told me who I could or couldn’t have in my band, or show. I did it, sorry Paul Anka, gotta borrow it, “My Way”.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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