Bob Anderson Shines in Frank, The Man, The Music


Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson had an idea. His Musical Director, Vincent Falcone, had been Frank Sinatra’s musical director for years. It seems Frank gave Vinnie,  his arrangements. Frank told him, Keep the music going!

Bob and Vinnie are keeping the promise. They hired an incredibly talented make up artist, Kazu Tsuji. He works on him, for two hours each night, turning him into Frank!.. Kazu is the Oscar-nominated makeup artist who transformed Brad Pitt in the 2008 Film, ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’. (reference


Bob Anderson as Frank!

He does the transformation of Bob to Frank,  in 2 hours, because the 3 hours he needed were too just too much for Bob on a nightly basis!. The face, the hair, amazingly accurate.

Then Bob does the rest, the posture, the walk, the mannerisms, the voice, OH, the Voice!

The show is produced and directed by Stephen Eich of the Steppenwolf theater in Chicago. The lighting and set design by Kevin Rigdon also of the Steppenwolf theater.

The bigger surprise in the show is the 32-piece orchestra. Not just any musicians; many who played with Frank. Along with bassist Bob Sachs, and guitarist Joe Lano, Drummer Tommy Check, the sax section, and many throughout the orchestra have played these charts with the man himself, Frank. .


Musical Director, Vincent Falcone

What great charts they are!  Chills will appear on your body many times during the 90-minute show.  The string section is big and lush.

I have been watching Bob Anderson my entire adult life. I was in the Casino De Paris show at the Dunes Hotel, when Bob performed at the Top Of The Dunes. This was a popular show where you would run into Tony Bennett, Steve Lawrence, and Don Rickles in the elevator.

Following his career, I saw him at the Desert Inn, where one night I got pulled onstage and sang with him. He was always my favorite singer and entertainer. Bob moved to town from Detroit as a 22-year old, and worked with Nancy Sinatra, at the Sahara Hotel.  He is very gracious to his fans, always takes pictures with them, and gives them his time. Take note future entertainers, always greet your fans, they are why you are working!

Pre-Show at the Palazzo Theater.

Pre-Show at the Palazzo Theater.

The show is staged at the Palazzo Hotel, in the Palazzo Theatre; originally named The Jersey Boys Theatre. When the Palazzo was built, the showroom was designed to stand in the exact place as its predecessor, the Copa Room at The Sands Hotel.

Frank, The Man, The Music begins with the orchestra playing a medley of Sinatra favorites.

Simultaneously, screen projections on both sides of the theatre stage. You watch Bob finish his character transformation, walk through the hall, talk with a few people, and then enter stage right as if the film-transition is live every night.

The Sands HotelWhen he opens his mouth to sing, it doesn’t take long to forget you are no longer watching and listening to Bob, but Frank Sinatra.

The patter, the stories are fascinating, all done in character; and the party begins. Time stops and you ARE taken back in time.

Old Vegas is back, and you can hear him sing the Bossa Nova, a la Antonio Carlos Jobim. That musical period played flawlessly by guitar legend, Joe Lano!.  Then, you are whisked inside Capitol records for a reenactment of a studio recording session. 

Bob Anderson is a consumnate performer. This is evident, with the easy listening style and goose bump singing. He sings with ease, because he is a natural. I asked him if he warms up? He said, “Very little.” He sings along backstage in the wings and does a few scales. I understand this as a natural singer myself, I hardly ever warm up, and my voice is always  there for me.

frank-the-man-the-musicThis show is here only until the end of 2015, then it moves to New York. Tickets for  Frank: The Man,The Music can be purchased via Ticketmaster online or 702-414-9000. Thank you , Patricia Dockswell, Bobs Production Coordinator.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Can Las Vegas be the entertainment capitol again?

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

I went to the Cannery Casino, Saturday night, after a very long day of teaching. I  wouldn’t nornally go anywhere after such a day, but the consumate  entertainer, Bob Anderson, was in concert for only two nights, and I could not miss him. I felt he would heal my exhaustion. He did not dissapoint.

I have known Bob since the 70’s, and he really is one of the best singers around. He moved to Branson, MO, with his wife Karen, in 2005, after losing the Desert Inn room he had occupied for years. All my singer friends would gather at the Desert Inn for a sure-fire night of great music and great fun.

WE were there the night a waitress won a million dollar jack-pot, right outside the showroom. That had a tragic outcome, when a year later she was hit by a drunken driver and was in a tiny sports car, she was paralyzed.

I  have memories of Bob at the Top of the Dunes also, when I was in the Casino de Paris , he was  upstairs, so after the 2nd show,, up I would go sharing the elevator with people such as Tony Bennett and Steve Lawrence who were there to see Bob.

Top of the Dunes

Top of the Dunes

Bob Anderson has that magic, that ease of connecting with the audience, and singing his heart out. He also does obscure songs that you don’t hear all the time.  After the show, he comes out and mingles and lets his fans be close to him.

This is what I miss about Las Vegas. I cannot go anywhere and see a show like Bob’s; in an intimate setting with a brilliant trio or quartet..

Did I mention he also does singing impressions? He is amazing at them, but even without the impressions, I think he would be just as popular.  A lot of old time Las Vegas performers are there to see him, Cork Proctor, Babe Pier, Dennis Bono, and me.

I know Las Vegas has changed and will never go back. It is full of Cirque shows and the lounges are mostly just dance bands.

I miss the days when the lounges were little show rooms, Even when I was in the lounges, I did a show, I  performed and we entertained, and no  one does that now. When someone tries to do it, it fails, and closes.  Times have changed and I am so glad that I was a part of the old Las Vegas, I  got in at the very end of it, so,

I have wonderful memories and got to know people like Bob.

Jessica Marciel

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