Nick Hissom Releases First Song

Jessica Marciel & Nick Hissom

Jessica Marciel & Nick Hissom

This Monday, July 1st is a very exciting day. Two years ago, I started working with Nick Hissom, a young student and model. He had a good  voice, and a lot of potential.  We did long, 3-5 hour sessions because he didn’t live in Las Vegas.

He traveled all over the planet, on modeling jobs, and holidays, and back and forth to his home in the UK and Pennsylvania for school. His European managers had found me online, and contacted me, with a confidentiality contract.  So I  worked with him  in secret for about 7 months when he was in town.

This is a singer who could do any genre he wanted.  He sang Sinatra for me! He also did pop and r&b.  The next step was to get him out there, Kenny Ortega was hired. Kenny added dancers, to  get the show moving. And there was Nick, out there singing and dancing all over the country. He even has shoes that light up around the soles when he dances. I bet Usher wishes he had those.

This new single that comes out Monday on iTunes, called,  ‘If I Die Young’ (not the country song of the same name).

Nick is the son of the beautiful Andrea Wynn, married to Steve Wynn. His father is the well-known Robert Hissom. Nick and his brother were raised in Europe and educated at a boarding school.

Nick is on e of the nicest people I have known. He was only 19 when he came to me. When he was in Las Vegas, we would meet for dinner, and if not that, he would still text me and stay in touch. I have so much respect for him, that he has done the homework, and followed his heart to make music.

If I Die Young - Nick HissomAfter our second lesson, we recorded his voice doing “My Way’  for his mum, and Steve. He got thumbs up, and we all had dinner to meet. Mr. Wynn is so into music, I am afraid, the two of us chatted about that one and this one so much, that we ignored everyone else.  We spoke so much, and just about forgot to eat.

So, please  check the song out for yourself on iTunes July 1st If I Die Young’ – Nick Hissom

Nick, I wish you a long  and successful career in this business, we call Show!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Where Are They Now? Students of Las Vegas Vocal Training – Part 2

Nick Hissom comes to Las Vegas Vocal Training

nick-hissom-tileA European man contacted me to coach a high-profile young model from the United Kingdom.  I was asked to sign a confidentiality contract. I received the PDF, signed it and, a few weeks later, the yet-unidentified student  arrived at my door. A slender young man with a hoodie exited a stretch limo, and instructed the driver to return in three hours.

As a magazine junkie, an avid reader, I recognized this young man was  Steve Wynn‘s stepson, Nick Hissom, a cover model on many magazines. Nick is both sweet and real. He explained he had an opportunity to go on tour, and would soon be in the recording studio.

We started with the basics. I taught him how to relax, and breathe. Nick has a natural ability to sing. After only three lessons he wanted to start writing. We started to write together, not my strongest suit, but I added what I could and we recorded what he wrote.

After a few months, as he would come and go, traveling the world as a socialite and model, we texted and tweeted. He said his mum and step dad wanted to meet me. I met the Wynns for a lovely Japanese dinner.  When everyone was eating Mr. Wynn and I talked music the entire time.

Since then, I have dined with Nick at the Wynn Hotel with he and his friends. We keep in touch, although now he is on tour. Interscope Records signed him and Kenny Ortega directed his tour. The show has lots of dancers and the soles of his shoes light up a round perimeter surrounding  him. He too, is living his dream. If you get a chance to see him perform,  Nick Hissom is his name, and he sometimes goes by Nick Robertson.

Katie Pilkey: From Las Vegas to Nashville

Katie Pilkey

Katie Pilkey

Katie is a photographer who started vocal lessons, and I heard something right away. I called my Nashville connection, Eric Bikales, Neil Sedaka‘s Musical Director. He sent us many songs to work with. Katie choose five songs and we packed up and headed for Music City, USA!

We had, thanks to Eric  the best musicians, George Maranili, the guitarist for Bonnie Raitt, and a members of  Dolly Parton‘s band. It was magical!  Katie and I went out to clubs and piano bars, at night. This was during the time the Casey Anthony trial was going on, so I vividly remember being in my hotel room, when the verdict came in. I will always remember that about this trip.

When we returned to Las Vegas, Katie auditioned for a country band, and got hired, stopped lessons!! And stopped doing anything with these fabulous records she made!! They sit, and it is a shame no one has heard them… yet?? Who knows?

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

Nick Hissom Begins World Concert Tour

A little over a year ago, I received an email from a European manager, to work with his client, who was preparing to record a CD. I was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, because of his celebrity. The name of the student wasn’t revealed to me, yet. I signed the confidentiality agreed and sent it back to the manager. It was all a bit cryptic… a bit of a mystery.

Nick Hissom

Nick Hissom

Not long after, I received a call to schedule two 3-hour evening sessions with someone who would become one of my dearest friends.

The limo pulled up to my studio and this great looking model, Nick Hissom was standing before me. I said, “Oh, I know who you are!“.  I just happen to read every fashion magazine out there, and recognized him. What I also recognized was his last name, His mother, the beautiful Andrea Hissom, had recently married Steve Wynn, here in Las Vegas, the same day as the Royal’s wedding of William and Kate.

Nick is natural, and down to earth, and we got on beautifully from the start. We dug in right away. I gave him breathing and stamina exercises, and we went through them hour after hour.  Because of his traveling, the lessons were intense, marathon experiences.

Nick is not only a model, but a student in Pennsylvania. If he had a week here, he would come to my studio every night, and we started writing songs as well. He has a natural voice. What was so sweet was that he wanted to video tape himself doing a Sinatra song for his stepdad. How sweet that was, so we did it, and he was pretty good!

Then he called and said “Steve and mum want you to have dinner with us.” I met them at the Japanese restaurant at the Wynn Hotel, I sat next to Mr. Wynn, and we talked music non-stop. I felt that we were ignoring everyone, but when you are a guest of Mr. Wynn, he knows his music, and by the end of the meal, I believe he knew that I knew my music also. I passed the approval test and enjoyed it, thoroughly.

Nick and I continued to see each other when he is in town. He would take me to dinner, and we wrote a song together. When I was inducted into the Las Vegas Rock Hall of Fame, Nick was so happy for me.

By year’s end the Hall of Fame Concert was crafted into a rockumentary DVD. Nick attended the première and sat with me. It meant the world to me. By then, he had recorded his first single “Killin Tonight”, a collaboration with Manufactured Superstars.

Now, he is signed to a record label and going on tour. It kicks off at Tryst at the Wynn, May 27th, Sunday night, and then a stop in New York . Kenny Ortega is directing his video. Nick is quite the dancer; so worthy of Ortega. He recorded with “Fingadelic Fingazz”  at night while rehearsing with Ortega during the day.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. I wish him all the luck in the world. Nick is a special, nice, caring person whom I am proud to have as a friend and student.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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