Vocal Exercises are Mandatory: A Lesson Learned

Beware the voice coach!

A former student, a professional, called me about coming back soon.  The situation was this is a pro, working a lot, and studied for a few months. When  he left, we stayed in touch. I saw how busy he was.  What I did not know was, he stopped doing the vocal exercises, and didn’t give himself vocal rest. We are athletes, we need to work on our vocal health constantly.  Would a runner compete without training?

This includes the way we Speak  also.  The way you use your Vocal Folds and your Muscles in your stomach, are as important as the way you sing.  You must exercise the tongue also. Everything needs to work in Harmony.

His phone call,  was not good news. He wanted to come back… after his vocal surgery!

He had developed bleeding nodules from over usage and not enough correct singing. He was sorry he stopped training.  I felt awful for anyone going through that.

I look forward to the day his doctor will clear him for more study.

Lesson is…

Don’t think you know it all. Even if you study once or twice a week , it is better than not at all…

A very common problem for us is Dysphonia.  Muscle tension, or Spastic Dysphonia. A very serious condition when your Vocal Folds are getting too much air, and you become raspy, and hoarse. You may notice this in your speaking first. You Must get this checked. 

I went for too long, working 7 days a week, and 4 nights,,,, I never gave myself a rest.  It may be simple like blowing bubbles , and a lot of massaging the the throat.   Dr. Salinas and Erik landry are helping me learn to speak higher, and softer, so I can work as long and much as I desire without harming my health.   Professor Ingo Titze..is an award winning Vocal pathologist and Voice production expert.  He explains WHY we do these exercises, and WHY we need to keep doing them. He says,’ When the pressure for the lips is the same as for the vocal folds, it must equal the Lung pressure.’  This takes practice, with an expert.   Choose wisely…. We must keep our muscles in and around our throat relaxed, and with the world as crazy as it is, That can be very hard. 

I have stretches, and massages, to help you with your throat and mouth tissue.  To loosen up you lactic acid and have a healthy relaxed voice.  How to seamlessly go into your mask from your chest ,,,  so much to do and learn.  I will never stop going to my coach and Dr.  I will always be on the hunt to be better, and so should you!

Maintaining your vocal health

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training






Nicki Minaj cancels concerts… needs vocal rest

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj cancels concerts after ignoring a doctor’s order to rest her voice after an x-ray showed a bruised vocal cord.  After the doctor explained the danger, she disregarded the advice, going ahead with her tour in the UK. The results were so extreme, she was forced to cancel a few shows and get vocal rest.

When singers hurt, something is very wrong.

It isn’t supposed to hurt when you sing, it should come from a comfortable mix of using your chest into your head voice.

It isn’t hard to do, but if you cannot do it , find a good coach to show you how. I have had many professional singers come to me for a month only, just for a technique tune up so they can work and not injure themselves.

  • Some new students ask, “When are we going to sing a song?”
  • I answer, “When you know how to sing properly and can”t injure yourself.”
  • That is why I rarely take students under 12 years of age. Only a few exceptional youngsters have enough focus.
  • I also hear “Why all these exercises?”   Easy answer,  The exercises are to get you to use them when we switch to singing, you need to sing the way you exercise, or you can injure yourself.

Too many famous people who sell out stadiums, are having to cancel shows, in the past year. John Mayer has said he misses performing so much, he is writing to fill the time.

So listen to your body and your doctor! If your body tells you to go to the doctor, it is telling you something is wrong. A bruised vocal chord is an injury. Injuries require rest.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training

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