A testimonial from Dayna Kovacic

“When I found Jessica three years ago. She helped me find my voice. She creates a personalized vocal plan for each of her students based on their needs and learning style.

Her program consists of techniques and exercises ranging from timeless standards to the most current findings in the industry. Her impressive singing resume, wisdom, honesty, professionalism, and network of contacts have kept me coming back after seeing the vocal results.

She’s worth every penny and not the choice for you if you’re just dabbling in music or only want to be a better karaoke singer. Not only has she become one of my most valuable mentors, but I feel so blessed to also call her a friend.”

~ Dayna Kovacic

A testimonial from Marine Goujon aka Lou Lou White

“I started working with Jessica in 2010. At the time, i was going to see her, because I was preparing a new album and wanted to become a better singer.

She helped me even more than I thought possible. I used to be frustrated by some things that I couldn’t do with my voice… some notes I couldn’t reach. She really helped me improve that and now I  hit those notes, easily.

I always have a good time when I go to my weekly lesson, Jess is a great person, generous, nice, fun and not only is she a great teacher but she also helps me in my career, by introducing me to professionals, producers etc.. She is involved in my album project and concerned about my success.

I am so glad I met her. She is an awesome friend.”

~ LuLu White

A testimonial from Amber Ennis

Amber“Three years ago when I walked into Jessica’s studio, I could barely carry a pitch to save my life. Today, I listen to my old videos and have to turn it down because I sounded so bad back then.

After three years of vigorous, and at times, exhausting work, I am signed with a talent agency and will be auditioning for one of the country’s foremost talent agents in a few short weeks.  I never would have dreamed of having this opportunity. Doors that are about to open for me would remain closed off if it wasn’t for Jessica. You can bet I will be dedicating my first Grammy to her.”

~ Amber Ennis

A testimonial from Genevieve Gomez

Genevieve Gomez

Genevieve Gomez


I come to you because you have motivated me through the years I’ve been with you. Because of you, I now have a better understanding about Vocalizing/Music in general. I feed off of your positive energy and constructive criticism!

My singing career would never be where it’s going now without you. Not only are you my Vocal Coach, but you’ve become my INSPIRATION and my FAVORITE SINGER!

As the years have passed, I got to know you and now I don’t see my life without you in it. I’m honored to say, ‘I AM ONE OF JESSICA MARCIEL’S STUDENTS! Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING!!’


~ Genevieve

A testimonial from Paul Magsig.


Paul Magsig

For the first time in my life I decided to get voice lessons. At 50 years old I was looking for a way to keep my voice strong.

After only a few sessions with Jessica, I can feel and hear a difference in my power and tonality!

Even my band members think I sound better! Thanks for the tips!”

~ Paul Magsig

A testimonial from Ken Schwab.

Ken Schwab

“Jessica Marciel is my musical mentor and voice instructor. I have learned new techniques on Vocal exercises and Breathing exercises that have enhanced my ability to sing.

I can now sing in ranges that were once difficult for me to reach. I also sing with more power and endurance to have the stamina to perform in a show. Thank You for enhancing my musical abilities and for your encouraging support.”

~ Ken Schwab

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