Theme Show for Final Twelve: Rolling Stones

  • Tongue-Rolling-StonesMike Lynch can do anything. He did  the Stones “Miss You” He is a natural performer. Loved it. He could sell me a Toyota.
  • Didi chose “Play with Fire” I’m not a big fan of hers.  I don’t think I’d download her or go see her. She a nice voice, potential, but don’t think she is there yet. I think she fumbled the lyrics during the song. Lukewarm vocals for me. She did push, but didn’t work for me.
  • Casey James is popular in this years line up. “It’s All Over Now” was a good choice and he made it country. It is very  blues and repeats a lot, so there isn’t much to do unless you really can sing, and he can not quite blues it enough. It was solid but not for a competition, it was ok. Simon was right, he needs to do more.
  • Lacey is a singer I don’t “get”. I don’t know what her appeal is.  “Ruby Tuesday” was her pick. Compared to the Beatles songbook, This is a difficult theme. This was boring, and she didn’t bring much to it. Her wobbly notes make me cringe. Randy called it  interesting, Ellen was confused and sleepy, Kara was also not impressed, Simon thought  she was acting more than singing. But then said her vocals were good. I think they , the judges are tired and confused! I can relate, it is hard to listen to these 12 every week. After Mike, it’s all downhill.
  • Andrew Garcia grew up around gangs, and he is a lucky one that his parents got him out  of the neighborhood.. He is talented, “Gimme Shelter” was perfect for his husky voice.I wish he had come on stronger. I realize he never studied voice, but he could have used some help with the vocals at rehearsal. He has more in there, needs to know the way to reach it. Wish I had one day with him.  Randy didn’t like it, flat a lot, Ellen, said it was great, proving, she is tone deaf. Kara didn’t like the lack of intensity. I hope he stays.
  • Katie Stevens was introduced next, waving from the stairs in a little flower dress, and I’m wondering what she will be doing. She hasn’t started yet and I’m dreading it. Katie and the Stones? They showed a clip of an out of tune katie at 8 years old!
  • She did “Wild Horses” The bridge was sharp, and I am so glad it’s over.
  • Tim Urban is really a cutie, he is so innocent., did “Under my Thunb” in a reggae style. I liked it this way, this could be recorded. he has shaky vocals, but honest vocals, so it isn’t really bad. I really thought he was second to Mike. Judges didn”t like it, I rather liked it.  It was not crazy as Simon said, it was interesting and fun. Good job Tim.
  • Siobhan was next in this long drawn out 2 hours. She is one of the only good female singers in this competition.“Painted Black” started out with a string quartet, then it got more intense. Good Vocals, went up an octive for a verse, gotta love that, and belted it out. Of the girls ,she won it. Even her makeup was rock. Judges thought it was the stand out performance of the night, I agree. She woke us up.
  • Lee Dewyze was next, has such a great raspy voice. He will be signed by someone. he just has that something in his voice, a texture and funk.
  • Paige has another sad family story, sang in church, where do they find these people. ‘Honky Tonk Woman” is a song I do, and you need grit to do it. she just was awful. It almost sounded country. Forgive me, but I don’t like this singer. I’m a Hoonnky tonk  oh please,, and a jazz ending,, ohhh yeahhhhh,,, oh nooooooo.
  • Aaron is  a sweet kid,“Angie” was a safe choice.. not too many people really letting go tonight. This was, to steal from Randy, tender.
  • Crystal, Miss Cool is next. She is very cool and calm. I doubt that she screamed during labor pains. “You Can’t Always get What you want”, Yeah, love this version, I heard Joss Stone, I heard Lydia Pense.I loved it. She gets the Stones!! This just makes you think, Paige who? She rocked, and Ellen said how she sings with ease. You can do both Ellen!!

I will be glad when this whittles down to the last 10. It is obvious, but you just don’t know who is voting? Good luck kids, see you tomorrow night for the results. I am going to read a good book.

I’m done with music today. But need to say kudos to Kiah, my last student tonight, who nailed a  Idena Menzel number with a song from “Wicked” blew all of them away.

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