How Tommasino’s Got Me Back In The Groove

In the last few years, I had become very picky about where I sang and who I work with. Singing had stopped being fun as much fun as it should be.

I started to teach singing, and it took a few years, but I have become a good teacher. I am absolutely confident about my ability to bring the best out, in my students.

Whenever someone would are “Are you still singing?” I would answer, “New Years Eve and a few society parties.” I get e-mails about friends working at supper clubs and from my past experience, they are smoky, and don’t pay much.

My old friends Tom and Alice Saitta, of the Las Vegas car dealerships, have changed my outlooked. They moved to Pahrump eight years ago, after selling all the Las Vegas dealerships. Then, in Pahrump, they built a big ranch, one dealership, and recently built the ultimate, Italian supper club, Tommasino’s and All That Jazz.

The restaurant is upscale, yet casual, elegant, yet funky, a wonderful place to eat, drink, play quiet video poker,  in an non-smoking  space that gives you LIVE music every night. During the week, it is a piano bar, with Tommy Deering, Mike Shane or Joe Darro, Tom gets up with his trumpet or flugelhorn and vocals, or gets on the drums, and sings also.  Then there is Autie Goodman on sax and a few more drummers  that may sit in.

On Fridays and Saturdays a few weeks a month he has given me the joy of being the chick singer in this sanctuary of great music, food, great staff and great clientele.

Musicians' View from Tommasino's Stage - best seats in the house: Click to enlarge

Musicians' View from Tommasino's Stage - best seats in the house: Click to enlarge

The exterior is a Tuscan, other-century, building of beauty. The interior goes even further, with great detail. Balconies with smoky windows that reflect people who appear to be eating upstairs, but are just an illusion.

Two trees that I thought the restaurant was built the place around, are amazing artificial masterpieces. The fireplaces in the dining room give it an outdoor feel. The stage has a red velvet drape and grand piano and has a stage big enough for the  Grand piano, drums, sax, trumpet, and me.

The  bathrooms are hip, modern and elegant. The bar is beautiful and the service is the best. Angelo at the entrance takes care of you if you have 2 or 20.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Kids are sometimes seen and I observe some of them straying from their dinner because they are enthralled by the music.  Jason and Sierra at the bar are the best at what they do, Chef Michael is a whiz and the Pastry Chef Robin.

Let’s just say, is so incredible I better watch my waistline. Where can you find eggplant stuffed manicotti? I will be making music this coming weekend (Friday/Saturday, April 9 & 10) at Tommasino’s, If you are coming in, I suggest you make reservations.  They do quite a business.

There is dancing too. A little tip, if coming from Vegas, just stay on the Highway 160, pass  the Taco bell, next street turn right, look to your left, and there you will see a little slice of heaven.

Mike starts at 5:30 and I go up shortly after.  Pahrump winds up the night early, 10pm or so. One more tip. every time I go to Pahrump by way of  Blue Diamond and keep going, on the main highway 160 , stop by the side of the road, on your left, and pick up a jar of local honey from the local Indians. Yum!! It is “Miguel’s Country Market” but they sell it on the highway  on the way in with jerky, and nuts.. Pure raw honey, they say it helps with allergies, because the local bee pollan is in it! I don’t care, it tastes great.

What’s not to love!!

Pahrump area map  - Click to enlarge

Pahrump area map - Click to enlarge

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