Can Las Vegas be the entertainment capitol again?

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

I went to the Cannery Casino, Saturday night, after a very long day of teaching. I  wouldn’t nornally go anywhere after such a day, but the consumate  entertainer, Bob Anderson, was in concert for only two nights, and I could not miss him. I felt he would heal my exhaustion. He did not dissapoint.

I have known Bob since the 70’s, and he really is one of the best singers around. He moved to Branson, MO, with his wife Karen, in 2005, after losing the Desert Inn room he had occupied for years. All my singer friends would gather at the Desert Inn for a sure-fire night of great music and great fun.

WE were there the night a waitress won a million dollar jack-pot, right outside the showroom. That had a tragic outcome, when a year later she was hit by a drunken driver and was in a tiny sports car, she was paralyzed.

I  have memories of Bob at the Top of the Dunes also, when I was in the Casino de Paris , he was  upstairs, so after the 2nd show,, up I would go sharing the elevator with people such as Tony Bennett and Steve Lawrence who were there to see Bob.

Top of the Dunes

Top of the Dunes

Bob Anderson has that magic, that ease of connecting with the audience, and singing his heart out. He also does obscure songs that you don’t hear all the time.  After the show, he comes out and mingles and lets his fans be close to him.

This is what I miss about Las Vegas. I cannot go anywhere and see a show like Bob’s; in an intimate setting with a brilliant trio or quartet..

Did I mention he also does singing impressions? He is amazing at them, but even without the impressions, I think he would be just as popular.  A lot of old time Las Vegas performers are there to see him, Cork Proctor, Babe Pier, Dennis Bono, and me.

I know Las Vegas has changed and will never go back. It is full of Cirque shows and the lounges are mostly just dance bands.

I miss the days when the lounges were little show rooms, Even when I was in the lounges, I did a show, I  performed and we entertained, and no  one does that now. When someone tries to do it, it fails, and closes.  Times have changed and I am so glad that I was a part of the old Las Vegas, I  got in at the very end of it, so,

I have wonderful memories and got to know people like Bob.

Jessica Marciel

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