Wednesday Top 10 Highlight: “Ellen DeGeneres has to go”

Ellen DeGeneres: Clueless as American Idol judge

Ellen DeGeneres: Clueless as American Idol judge

Blogging Live about the Top 10 American Idol women: Hate to say this (again), but the field is pretty weak. Only a few impressive performances.

The only thing weaker than the performances was the judging; particularly the incredibly unintelligent comments from Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Crystal: very strong, conviction, yeah girl, very good.
  • Lacey: She lost me. She improved “oh yeah” and I improved “oh no”. If Ellen uses the word adorable two times in one paragraph again, I will kidnap her dog, if she has one. What Randy meant, was, it was generic. I agree.
  • Katie: She doesn’t know who she is. i can relate, I was all over the board at 17, record companies didn’t know aht to do with me. She needs to figure out who she is.  Memo to Ellen… No, she isn’t a great singer. She is cute.
  • Didi:  No, No, do not do Bill Withers “Lean on Me” unless you have soul. She came off like a chic singer in a wedding band. it was PAINFUL.
  • Michelle: She has such a good look, too bad it isn’t about that!!! She gave an OK performance. The thing that is missing from all these girls is fearlessness, and conviction, and pain. They play it safe, and don’t have the chops to give me goose bumps.Randy said it fell flat, and it t did. It just ended… blah. Memo to Ellen: Michelle doesn’t have a great voice. Find another word.  Kara said she took a risk. I did not feel it. When the start is better than the end, you are in trouble. It must sound better in the  theatre than on television.
  • Lilly: A stylist, and  not my cup of tea. Perhaps if she were more polished, but I just feel I’m in a coffee house. She went so sharp  then flat so many times, I need to clean my ears.  It must sound better there because the judges  loved it?  Kara was “riveted” I don’t get it.  All four judges liked it. Lost in translation??
  • Katelyn: If she writes her own tunes, she can do something. She played piano, and never sounded better. Only performance I liked, up to now.   Ellen is really paying attention, liked that she played “guitar”, said it put her to sleep, because Ellen doesn’t know music, unless she can dance to it. Kara is right; she has a good  voice. First time I  really took notice.
  • Paige: Did a song that Kara wrote and  was recorded by Kelly Clarkson. Her voice wasn’t strong  enough, high notes were just off. Ellen LOVED it , it was GREAT.  Ellen’s has got to go. Kara explained it was an angry song and  she seemed happy? And Paige was smiling, didn’t understand the lyric.  I think she blew it.
  • Siobhan: She did a good job with Aretha’s “Think” . High notes were killer and she really got into it. Nice ending to a drab night.

I really think these girls can be narrowed down very easily. Siobhan might be the one to beat. I said that at auditons I believe.

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  1. Haley Vaughn is gone! She’s too smiley and cute. Not enough star power!

    Like Bowersox. She’s cool!

  2. Amber Enniss says:

    Siobhan blew me away last night. i could totally see that girl in the finals.

    I agree she is the one to beat this year.

    If I’m remebering correctly didnt simon call her the darkhorse of this season?


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