Why do you want to sing?

Is this what singing means to you??

Why do you want to sing? 

Fame? Money? Popularity?

These are all wrong answers

  • Why do you want to wake up in the morning?
  • Are you doing a job you can’t wait to get to?
  • Do you look at the clock all day to see how much time you have left before it’s time to go home?

Singing is an Art. It’s that simple. You soothe your soul  and others when you sing well.  You want to share your gift with the world.

Singing is a gift. At Christmas time, there is nothing more rewarding than singing for a nursing home. The patients are in beds or in wheelchairs.

Then you sing a song from days past, and they smile, you have taken them back to a time when they were well, happy and they are back there, even for a few minutes.

Moments such as that is the only kind of reason you should be singing. Another goal is to to sing full-time. To not have a day job you hate, and have a job at night or afternoon singing… full-time.  But, you must have to do it, or you won’t feel whole.

If singing is in your soul, hopefully you are a natural singer. Meaning you have a natural ability and talent, that may need some fine tuning.  If you need a lot of work, don’t expect too much. You can be made to sound great in the studio, but you have to perform, in person, and be as good then, too.

When you sing, you really need  to feel as though you are whole, and feel your spirit soaring. You should be able to move people. If you cannot get through to others, then you might as well just sing for yourself at home.

There are too many wanna be’s  and too many good singers out there to be just be OK. You need to be great. The world is filled with mediocre singers. It doesn’t need more.

If you’re lucky, and your YouTube video goes viral, or you make it on a reality show, then good for you. But don’t count on it. That kind of luck is few and far between.

If you love to sing, do it, learn more about it. Have fun, but take it seriously, and who knows, you may move the spirit in someone!

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training


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