YouTube versus American Idol

Tonight’s American Idol has me cringing. The first three singers were so out of tune. They were SO weak.

The first girl had such confidence, and was so out of tune, and Jennifer Lopez called her out on it, yet praised her in the same breath. Are they afraid to hurt someones feelings?

The next guy just ruined an Elton John song, it will never be the same to me again. They say how brilliant and how special  he is?

I guess you have to see him live, because to me. and this is the first night I am sitting and really watching because I had an early night and caught up on the tivo from what I missed.  It is bad.The third girl did “Colors of the Wind” I think my 7-year old student does it better.

James Durbin is up next, I am writing now as I watch.  I have found so many great singers on YouTube that these people on Idol are just so-so.  I am amazed at what people will settle for. The first line he sang was so flat, and I have to sit through this, I suppose, because I am just blown away, waiting for someone really GOOD.

Have I become such a music snob? He went up to a vocal fry high, and it was sharp., and the very last note was flat! What is going on.

Tyler loved it! I am baffled, by the comments of these professionals. Then again, Jennifer is an actress, dancer, so-so singer, Tyler is great but a screamer, not a singer, Randy is the only one who called him out on the flat notes, but still said very “tastefully” done? What does that mean?  Hey dude , you were out of tune, but you made it your own?

I must admit that I cannot go on, I need to stop torturing myself, I need to go to YouTube and listen to “Boyce Avenue” and all the great untapped talent that I love lately.

So, this is my over and out, I am so upset that this show is so popular and the public has no ears. For all the nice people who ever said to me, they love my voice, now I am not so flattered, they may have been tone deaf, because millions of people certainly ARE.

I’d rather watched watch news about the Japan disaster, isn’t THAT sad?

Jessica Marciel
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